Exp. 3-3-3 – Review and publish

Evan Switzer – 3173264

AR Creator: Nicole Vella

AR Link:


AR Test:


Interview with creator Nicole Vella

What was your influence behind the design of the filter/ What made you decide to use Lens Studio?
My inspiration was monsters from the movie Pans Labyrinth. As well as the idea of self reputation/duplication. We’re living in a time where a virus is rapidly mutating itself and spreading across the globe. I wanted to try to capture that feeling of fear and anxiety within a selfie filter. I used lens studio specifically because I hate Facebook and didn’t want to use their product.

 Was there any difficulty with the process of developing the AR filter?

The difficultly was easier than I anticipated. I had originally wanted to use AFrame and have something that’s open source and available across all browsers and devices. However the learning curve of that library was too much for the time allotted for this assignment. So I went with a lens filter instead.

From your experience, do you see Lens Studio developing further into an aesthetic medium?

I’m not sure of selfie or lens filters themselves will “become a medium”. But if they are or aren’t is somewhat irrelevant. Billions of people use these filters everyday. Artists using them as a means of expression was only a matter of times. And I do think they are forms of art. Because I think everything is art. Which sort of means nothing is art. But that’s a topic for another day. :slight_smile:



I clicked the link on my computer and used snapchat on my phone to access the link for the AR animation. I found it to be very creative, optimistic and enjoyed it very much. It appears as a take on a reflection of the self and how a smile naturally occurs once you see the mirrored grins circling around the face. It makes me very curious to wonder what other self projection would be expressed if there was an animation trigger when the user is smiling with their mouth open. But perhaps it is best to let it be a mystery and leave the glass half full. 5/5

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