Experiment 4.3 Crafting Electronics Swatchbook — Group #9


Group #9

Aimee Chen

Emily Flood

Marquessa MacKenzie

Michael Sinn

The Interactive Party Jacket

Your Coolest Choice for Party.


Interactive Party Jacket Swatch Presented by:

Aimee Chen #3175402

Marquessa MacKenzie #3174722


Inspiration & Concepts

The inspiration to make an interactive jacket came from missing the connection that social gatherings offered. We decided to repurpose this jacket because it has patches on the shoulders that offered a perfect place for the circuit boards to sit. The green cactus patch was a gift given to Marquessa by a close friend and she wanted to find a way to incorporate it into this jacket but was waiting for the perfect opportunity. To create a cohesive theme Aimee made little hand-drawn cactuses out of metallic tape that was coincidentally conductive. We really enjoyed coming together to share creativity and produce a final swatch that is both an exploration of creativity, crafting, and circuitry.


Adafruit Circuit Playground*2

Conductive & Non-conductive Thread

Conductive Fabric

Adafruit Pressure-sensitive conductive sheet

Non-Conductive Decorative Tape

3V Battery*2

Non-conductive Cactus Patch

Non-conductive Beadings*2

10k  Resistor



>> Analog Sensor Demo #1 – Basic Circuit

> Analog Sensor Demo #2 – Put It on with Beading

>> Original Code Link


>> Video Demo #1 – Sewing

Video Demo #2 – Lighting

> Video Demo #3 – Embroidery Switch with Beading

>> Video Demo #4 – Party Jacket [overall]

Original Code Link

(we make the number for the [CAP_THRESHOLD] much higher, which means threat’s sensitivity gets higher)



Challenges and Improvements

  • The process of sewing each component onto the jacket was successful and the code runs fine with the plug-in battery. However, when we did another part of the sewing that attach the playground to the battery, it did not work. We still ended up using the plug-in battery.
  • The analog sensor is moderately challenging to calibrate and sometimes it is being more sensitive than it should be.
  • We will try to explore more possibilities with sound-reactive and temperature-reactive lighting for further improvements.


>>> Final Work Demo Video <<<

Thanks for Reading.

The Pom Pom Pants

By Emily Flood


Adafruit Circuit Playground Express

Conductive & Non-conductive Thread

Copper Tape


Corduroy Pants


Non-conductive Yarn



The inspiration to make pants with conductive pom poms came from the analog sensor I made with a conductive pom pom. I enjoy the sewing process, and I enjoyed how the pom pom looked, so I thought it would be the perfect thing to combine with a clothing item. Marquessa had the idea that the pants would complement the jacket to complete an “outfit”, so that was the direction I was going in with these pants.



The solder didn’t want to work with the copper tape and conductive thread. Looking back I should have used more conductive thread and gone over the holes a few times to make a stronger connection. This piece ended up only being a work-in-progress because of the deadline.

>> Code – Adafruit Circuit Playground default code

Atelier 1_Experiment#4_Dec/11/20.







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