sensitive circuit playground and the advanced pressure sensor


Basic pressure sensor and the advanced pressure sensor


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 Basic pressure sensor  and the advanced pressure sensor 

  • Description:

This pressure conductive switch is a simple pressure sensor that has been installed into the cotton fabric. The reason I create this piece is I would like to see what will happened if I use this material combine with another materials. Such as while I’m using the pressure sensitive materials, the interaction between two different materials will creates a unique feeling while you press the pressure material button. Although this is very simple to make, I’m also feel very happy to see the result. By the way, the combination of this simple sensor add with another advanced sensor material can make this looks much better.  The reason I made two sensors is because the material I received was too late, I don’t have enough time to make it better, and also I though the first basic pressure sensor is not satisfied for me.    

Materials for the basic pressure sensor 

  • Cotton sheet with different colours: orange, blue, green etc. 
  • Copper wire, conductive wire, cotton wire and cut copper pieces Arduino, circuit playground, wires, sub port. 

Tools & Techniques: List or describe all tools and techniques used to produce the swatch.  


The advanced pressure is made of: 

  • Cotton fabric 
  • Sewing 
  • Pressure material sheet
  • Conductive sheet 
  • Wire
  • plastic tape

The tools I used for both basic and advanced sensors are:  

  • a scissor to cut cotton sheets
  • needles for attaching cotton sheets and wires
  • A laptop for powering up LEDs and copper wire speakers; Arduino coding software to control the Arduino
  • Tools and materials: 





Construction stages of circuit playground basic pressure sensor switch


Step 1 Fold the cotton fabric and shape it with a scissor


step 2 Using needles within sewing to connect layers together, pressure materials, copper wires and attach the circuit playgrounds on the fabric. 






3 Using my laptop and code it on circuit playground

4 Final results 


Construction stages of advanced pressure sensor switch


Step 1 cutting cotton materials and using sewing technique to make three cotton layers  and also attach the conductive materials .




Step 2 using the plastic tape paste two layers of pressure sensitive fabric underneath the  conductive sheet.


3 Fold the cotton fabric and connect the wire underneath the conductive sheet, also power the LED on AAA battery.


4 Final result 


Circuit diagram for the basic sensor


Circuit diagram for the advanced sensor




Code link





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