Assignment 1: Speculative Wearable — Ziqi Guo (3177283)

Brainstorming (process work): untitled_artwork-2

Three Ideas

Idea no.1


Ida no.2


Idea no.3 (the one I decided to focus on)



  The “medicine reminder button” is a hybrid of the medicine detector and an alarm. When people sew the buttons in their cloth and finish the setting, the button will light and beat to alarm a person take the medicine at a certain time. This is designed especially for seniors, who have difficulties remembering to take medicine on time. 


Awareness of the body: The inspiration of this “medicine reminder button” is from my grandparents, while both of them are over 80 years old this year. There’s a problem that confusing them all the time — when should they go and get the medicineA lot of seniors in their ages take multiple kinds of medicine in a day, but always forget to take each type of the medicine on time. Taking my grandfather as an example, he has dementia in a mild stage, but this is enough for him to remember taking different kinds of medicine on time. So, he has to rely on my grandmother telling him to have medicine in a certain time.   

This “medicine reminder button” is designed to help those seniors who are forgetful in the charge of taking medicine on-time. It uses straight- forward patterns in a certain position of the body, showing the senior or their partners that it’s time to take the medicine for a certain organ or their body. For example, my grandmother has diabetes, so she needs to get the injection of insulin every day before dinner. She usually has dinner at 6:00pm, so the button on her belly will light up, shaking and shows a pattern of injection needle during 5:30- 6:00 pm, and it will later disappear as soon as it detects that the injection has done.

Interaction: It should be mainly two things take the role of triggering the wearable buttons. One of them is the detector on the button, the other should be a timer on the mobile. Each time when it turns to be the time for seniors to take medicine, the buttons will be shaking and flashing lights until the elders use the medicine scanning on the mini detector on the button and stop the button from alarming. The detector could recognize if the person is taking the correct medicine in the right time. People could set/change the alarm on their mobiles and have a report of each type of medicine has been taken or not. The report could be sent to their children’s mobile as well, so they could all remind their parents to take the medicine on time. 

Position: The “medicine reminder button” could be locate on anywhere of the body, so, they could be designed with any colors in order to be fashion. Also, in order to wear them while sleeping, they should be flat enough to avoid people from being felt.  

Design: I choose the shape of “button” on this wearable technology because the buttons are not too conspicuous to make the seniors feel embarrassed in the public (like the situation 2 in the first image). Besides, buttons are easy to be taken with. I previously thought of making a wristband, but because the seniors might also forget to take wristband in some situations, I gave up that idea. “Button” is an element which shows up on a lot of seniors’ outfit, it is a great fashion element. Besides, as long as the technology is well-developed, it could be done with a low cost and sold as a low price, so people could sew different buttons onto different cloths without forgetting to take them around. The color of the buttons should be varied so they could fit different outfits.  

Material Mood Board


MaterialThe material of this button is supposed to be as lightweight as possibleThe patterns should be noticeableSo, people could wear it all the time.   


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