Watch Out Game (Dharini Kapoor)





Video Link:

Watch Out!! Something would pop up anyhow, while playing this game. Click on the targets and aim by using the skills you have. This is a fun game and great interactivity with users, through the help of the spooky feeling and moreover. To having a better experience in the game put the volume 100% and play the game. It is an individual game where you need your phone/laptop and follow the instructions given. 

Genre :

The game involves a Strategy that would be utilized in an efficient manner through users strategizing by using their phones.




  • Mobile: IOS and Android
  • Mac/Windows





Use your device and check out what happens next through your good aiming skills by receiving to the last level and increasing your score throughout. In viewing the main part of this game that means WATCH OUT!! you will have to meet the requirements. The main outcome of this game is for users to interact with their devices and the way they play the game efficiently, the feeling and sensations bring out a greater experience as a whole.


Character Design 


  • Spookiness face expression
  • Targets for users to aim
  • Centipede at the end


Models and Assets

For the background and characters the usage of 2d and 3d models would be utlilized.


MoodBoard /Color scheme

The background would be natural animated design made on Photoshop and Procreate. It gives out a feeling of nature and a clear background. This is one of the main background which is being used for the game where I made on Photoshop. 





The audio used is a suspense as this game is meant to scare the users and the feeling of spookyness being depicted as different elements are being eliminated throughout the game.


Mechanics :

The interactivity of the way users would be engaging in playing the game and moving around on the screen where the ghost/scary expression would be shown is the way users would be utilizing through their device. This game uses the mechanics of Interactivity.

Narrative :

Each user would have a different way in using the app on their device, the narration in this would be the way users would want the app to move on, the way the characters signal would be, the way they aim and target and move on to the next level. 






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