Open Project – Michael Sinn

  • Concept (Idea and what are you creating)
    • I wanted to make a wearable music device similar to the synthesizer  where you would be able to produce sound on your body through a fluid input source, in this case a magnet and a hall effect sensor.  I wanted the device to be very small and to be able to be incorporated into what someone is wearing.
  • Objective (Why are you trying to execute this concept)
    • The reason I decided to use a hall effect sensor for this project is to build upon the exploration journal I had written earlier in the class about the hall effect sensor and how to use it.  I wanted to be able to put it into an actual project and see how effective it could be!  I also wanted to make it small because I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could conceal the device entirely within the band of a wrist watch.
  • Process (Including ideation drawings, images of the work in progress, and videos of the different steps)
    • (Process images can be found in the link below)
    • First I began by sketching out the basic circuit diagram of the project I was trying to make
    • I then took that circuit and modelled it in Fusion 360 and printed the diagram out and attempted to transfer the circuit to a PCB through ironing
    • When this didn’t work, I ended up just drawing the diagram by hand
    • After drawing the diagram onto the PCB and etching it, I programmed the ATTiny412 to play different sounds depending on how far away a magnet was
    • I then attached all of the pieces together onto the PCB
    • Then I took the device and attached it to the wrist watch and put it on and tried it out!
  • Final Project Images (With the wearable being worn!)
    • Unfortunately, the blog space won’t allow me to upload any more images or videos so I’ve included all of my circuit diagrams, final project images and videos as well as the process images in this drive link!
  • Parts List:
    • ATTiny412
    • Hall Effect Sensor
    • Speaker
    • Circuit Board
    • Li-Po Battery
    • Solder
  • Reflections & Next Steps
    • I’m really happy with how this project turned out.  I was able to almost entirely conceal the device within a wrist watch and fully incorporate the device into what someone was wearing.  The device was also very comfortable to wear with it being so small it wasn’t even noticeable, I actually forgot to take it out for a while after filming the trial video! As for next steps, I think that I would like to add in different play modes for the device depending on whether the magnet is facing north or south.  I would also like to make the device able to record different songs or patterns that you create and able to play them back to you after!

Spawn Point – Final Documentation

Michael Sinn, Sana Yasamani Khiabani, Sara Hosseini, Gretta Evangelista, Ara De Asis, Aleth Lumba


In the future where everything has gone corrupt and decrepit, where society collapses and alienates all the gamers in the world, a mask has been created to send the hidden into a virtual utopia in which they could be free. Infinite possibilities, levels, avatars and stories can be implemented within this virtual escape. The mask lodges itself onto the human body, implanting around the brain, eyes, nose, senses, and lodges a needle into the nervous system. Within this creation, dreams can come true, people can hibernate, and it is self sustaining- you don’t have to eat, sleep, drink- it gives energy for you till the end of days. 

Descriptive words (genre, number of players, indicating factors, etc)

Collapse, Justice, Mask, and Alienation were the starting words. Number of players per mask is 1, but in the virtual world it can go from 1 to infinite. The genre is exploration, adventure, whatever the heart wishes.

Stylized design consistent with the game

The design is very flowy and nice, pleasing to the eye. Yet, due to the infinite possibilities it can be anything. (Arts by Aleth Lumba and Ara De Asis)

2-6 Images: 


Featuring everything, Art, models, levels, credentials, etc.


Michael Sinn – 3D Modelling (mask), Worldbuilding, 

Sana Yasamani-Khiabani- 3D Modelling (world), Worldbuilding, Concept Art, Documentation

Sarah Hosseini- 3D Modelling (world), Worldbuilding

Gretta Evangelista- Ideas

Ara De Asis- Character Art, Ideas

Aleth Lumba- Concept Art, Character Art, Worldbuilding


REFLEX | Final Documentation. Cam Saunders 3178885

Video Link to Demo:

REFLEX  is a first person, level based 3D “Hide and Seek” esque demo that utilizes alternate approaches in terms of mechanics and identity.

Brief: Players spawn into pre determined cohesive maps and the player is assigned a role at random. either the Hunter, or the bait(hide). The main intention behind REFLEX is the utilization of condensed maps to allow quick and fast movement and plans.

Genre: Puzzle, First Person, 3D, Platforming, Fast, Competitive

Platforms: PC only

Story/Narrative: Players take part of being in an elite squad of Hunters, and are constantly put against the small fry or “bait” that is in need to be captured. There is no time limit. time of catch dictate’s the money earned for the Hunter. So as bait, run for your life and make the hunters pay.

Controls: Mouse (Camera)

WASD(Forward, Left, Backward, Right)

Aesthetics Overview:

  • Box type level design
  • Grounded color tone
  • Human Character models
  • Various platforms, tunnels, stairways, and areas to hide
  • Simplistic, soft

Models and Assets needed:

  • Basic player model used for camera positioning
  • Trees
  • Stairs
  • Water
  • Structures


  • All music in game is made and produced by me
  • Up beat and Faster Tempos to motivate players

Example Scripts: Player Movement | Mouse Controls: |