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Video Link to Demo:

REFLEX  is a first person, level based 3D “Hide and Seek” esque demo that utilizes alternate approaches in terms of mechanics and identity.

Brief: Players spawn into pre determined cohesive maps and the player is assigned a role at random. either the Hunter, or the bait(hide). The main intention behind REFLEX is the utilization of condensed maps to allow quick and fast movement and plans.

Genre: Puzzle, First Person, 3D, Platforming, Fast, Competitive

Platforms: PC only

Story/Narrative: Players take part of being in an elite squad of Hunters, and are constantly put against the small fry or “bait” that is in need to be captured. There is no time limit. time of catch dictate’s the money earned for the Hunter. So as bait, run for your life and make the hunters pay.

Controls: Mouse (Camera)

WASD(Forward, Left, Backward, Right)

Aesthetics Overview:

  • Box type level design
  • Grounded color tone
  • Human Character models
  • Various platforms, tunnels, stairways, and areas to hide
  • Simplistic, soft

Models and Assets needed:

  • Basic player model used for camera positioning
  • Trees
  • Stairs
  • Water
  • Structures


  • All music in game is made and produced by me
  • Up beat and Faster Tempos to motivate players

Example Scripts: Player Movement | Mouse Controls: |

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