Spawn Point – Final Documentation

Michael Sinn, Sana Yasamani Khiabani, Sara Hosseini, Gretta Evangelista, Ara De Asis, Aleth Lumba


In the future where everything has gone corrupt and decrepit, where society collapses and alienates all the gamers in the world, a mask has been created to send the hidden into a virtual utopia in which they could be free. Infinite possibilities, levels, avatars and stories can be implemented within this virtual escape. The mask lodges itself onto the human body, implanting around the brain, eyes, nose, senses, and lodges a needle into the nervous system. Within this creation, dreams can come true, people can hibernate, and it is self sustaining- you don’t have to eat, sleep, drink- it gives energy for you till the end of days. 

Descriptive words (genre, number of players, indicating factors, etc)

Collapse, Justice, Mask, and Alienation were the starting words. Number of players per mask is 1, but in the virtual world it can go from 1 to infinite. The genre is exploration, adventure, whatever the heart wishes.

Stylized design consistent with the game

The design is very flowy and nice, pleasing to the eye. Yet, due to the infinite possibilities it can be anything. (Arts by Aleth Lumba and Ara De Asis)

2-6 Images: 


Featuring everything, Art, models, levels, credentials, etc.


Michael Sinn – 3D Modelling (mask), Worldbuilding, 

Sana Yasamani-Khiabani- 3D Modelling (world), Worldbuilding, Concept Art, Documentation

Sarah Hosseini- 3D Modelling (world), Worldbuilding

Gretta Evangelista- Ideas

Ara De Asis- Character Art, Ideas

Aleth Lumba- Concept Art, Character Art, Worldbuilding


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