Cyberpunk Style Hand Tornado

Saaim Babar, 3177998

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Type: Analog Sensor

This swatch is for a cyberpunk style Hand Tornado. This is essentially a glove with a motor on it that is a fan. The fan is activated when the FSR that is in the thumb is being pressed, then if the potentiometer to adjust the speed is turned; the fan will operate. I came up with this idea in regards to my limited parts and because I was sitting one day and wanted a small fan that I could use only when needed. So I thought I could use that as inspiration for this creation which is small and portable. It isn't cumbersome like a regular fan and more accessible for someone who doesn't like wind constantly hitting them but wants to stay cool. I came up with the glove design/fan on hand idea in light of the new Cyberpunk 2077 game and decided that this specific type of glove wouldn't be a bad idea because its not very warm but still sturdy to build on. However, the cons include all the wiring and breadboard and such, which makes it less portable. This could have been with more permanent or applicable wires or other conductive materials, but due to COVID-19 I was unable to develop further.

– 10 jumper wires

– FSR Sensor 0.5″ 1Mohm 22lb

– 1Kohm resistor

– Green Led

– Mini Photoresistor 1k-10k (PHOTO-01)

– TIP32C Transistor

– 4.5VDC Motor

– B10K Potentiometer

– 1 Thin Drinking Straw and 1 Large

– Electrical Tape

– Super Glue

– Solder + Materials

– Simple Acrylic-Spandex Glove

Tools and Techniques:
  • Soldering Iron
  • Scissors

Bootleg Custom Transistor:

LED on left. LDR on right. Both inside a drinking straw which is then covered in dark tape. Note: The short leg of the LED is then wrapped around the current releasing leg of the LDR.

Current Split:

The exiting current of the motor is split through the BJT PNP transistor so that only when both the FSR sensor and the potentiometer are allowing enough current through will the circuit allow the current to properly go reach the ground rail; spinning the motor.
Note: You can see the LED leg wrapped around the LDR leg closest to bottom of the image.

img_4924 img_4925


Circuit Diagram:




Additional Notes:

This is an original piece, although it is most likely already done, I personally created the circuitry and idea.

The Bird Race



The book “The bird book : illustrating in natural colors more than seven hundred North American birds, also several hundred photographs of their nests and eggs” is about birds and their corresponding eggs with their descriptions.¬† It provides information about birds in a way that displays the authors passion for birds while writing the book. This type of exhibition for animals is rarely shown in this day and age, especially for birds.

In order to preserve the authors passion I decided to make this game based around two of the fastest birds displayed in the book; the gyrfalcon and golden eagle.

This game uses keyboard inputs to move both players’ birds which are gyrfalcon and golden eagle respectively. This game challenges each player to increase their clicking speed in order to reach the finish line first.

The Book




The Game 

Final product:


Hero image.





If there was more time to complete this assignment I would increase the overall quality and content of this game. At the moment this game lacks depth to it but if I made the visuals nicer, added possible animations, added obstacles, etc. the game would be significantly better.


– Shared:

– Player 1:

– Player 2: