Aesthetics of the forest

I created an aesthetic experience – walk through a field/forest full of different trees and plants.





For the audio of my composition I implemented the sounds of the nature, (such as chirping of birds, wind, water, etc); as well as added some calm lo fi music as a background for a better experience of the illustration.


I wanted to create something calm and peaceful; that brings a relaxing atmosphere in this crazy world right now.




Interview with Sana Yasamani-Khiabani

Reviewer: Khrystyna Gandabura/ 3178285

Publisher: Sana Yasamani-Khiabani/ 3180650


For this project Sana decided to create a horror/humor AR experience.  She created an all seeing eye that watches you; making the goal not to look at it. 

When looking at the eyeball through, at first everything is normal/alright but as you keep looking at the eye for long enough the screen will start to turn black with creepy sounds in the background. 

Sana enjoys horror. Her inspiration for this project came from watching old horror films during halloween season; as well as she has been listening to some horror podcasts. The project is done in a light note, for it’s a bit humorous. 

Lastly, Sana likes creature designs with a big eye( modrons, portal Wheatley, beholder, Mike Wazowski, etc.) . This is where the inspiration comes for this project.

I think it is an interesting and thoughtful project. I love the design of the eye, and the meaning behind it. As well as the sounds that were used in the project, add spooky elements to the composition. 


img_3818 img_3817 img_3816 img_3815


Khrystyna Gandabura/ 3178285         = Generative Art=


Minimalism is not just a style, it is a whole philosophy of attitude to life. Clarity of composition, monochrome and emphasis of natural textures are important for minimalism.The minimalist designer usually takes as a basis one or two colours (favourite of which, white – which most emphasizes the lines of objects).

The main object of my generative art are whales. As I love the art of minimalism, my intentions were to create something detailed minimalistic; using only three colours ( white, violet and light violet). 

Whales represent something big, strong and powerful. They also are free in their actions; they have all the unknown ocean to themselves and make up their own rule of living. I can relate this to the life of an artist; artists have many opportunities, and a freedom of creativity to express themselves through many forms of art. 



My two main figures are whales. Using adobe illustrator I created many thin lines in the shape of a whale and placed both of the figures in a circular shape to create a sense of motion. As well as I created wavy lines at the background to illustrate water. After, I placed many random lines to point to the whales; make them more emphasized and centred. 

There are many forms of art that are unknown to many artists, however it is a journey to discover and an enjoyable process of learning and creating new art. The same as the ocean is so wide, deep and unknown – so is the art. 

I love the sense of simplicity and aesthetics. Thus, it was the main goal for this generative art project.


  • Use Adobe Illustrator to create this rule

Step one: 

Upload an image to the illustrator that you would like to recreate

Step two:

Take the brush tool and draw around the image using different shapes

Step three:

Take one part of the tracing image and go to Object and then Blend (fix the parameters to your own preference in Blend Options) 

Step four:

Make the entire image Blend 

  • You can play around with the different shapes; they will create different outcomes




Ike Moore, Christina Chen and Khrystyna Gandabura


In this game, all the players are in the same body of water. By pressing players produce food to feed the fish. Different players are able to make different coloured food. After which, fish can follow/swim towards the food and when they eat they will grow in size. As well as, fish can have a baby after becoming 2.5 times their size.

Players can move elements in the water by dragging with their mouse.











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Game development:

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