4.3 SwatchBook – Clouds



Group Members: Sara Hosseini, Xiangyu Wang

Swatch Type: Digital

Inspiration: lightning-storm-clouds-thunderclouds-wallpaper

I wanted to make a ceiling full of handmade clouds that would light up with LED inside making it look there is thunder. I also used a switch that when pressed, you are able to change the colour of the cloud.

***Important: I needed LED STRIPS in order to make what I had in mind work, however, they did not arrive on time so I decided to make a smaller cloud and used a neopixel instead to show my idea. I changed the materials used based on this. ***

Materials (small cloud) :

  • x1 10k resistor
  • Wires
  • Switch
  • Neopixal – 24

To make ONE small cloud, I glued a few cotton balls together, making a cloud-like shape. After I taped the neopixel to the back of the cloud.


I then went ahead to connect the wires, on the neopixel, connect GND to GND on your Arduino, Data input into ~6 and Power 5V into 5V. We then place the switch on a board and also place a 10k resistor that we connect to GND & PWM 2.





Circuit Diagram:




Short Video:


Exp.3-3-3: Review and publish with Giulia Zefillippo

I did a review and interview with Giulia Zefillippo (student# 3179987). 


I asked the following questions;

  • What has inspired you, and what is the concept?

” This Snapchat lens game experience was inspired by the themes of nurture and support. As you grow, you are surrounded by a support system (family or friends) that helps you in good times and bad times. But some of us are not so lucky to have this support system, and some of us suddenly lose that support system. I wanted to recreate the emotional feeling of losing the support system.

This mini experience is about an astronaut who has lost their ship near Jupiter. They feel lost and weightless, without hope of returning home to Earth. They meet a gas-like microbe species which offers to help them return home.”

  • What did you want to achieve?

“I wanted the user to experience the same as the astronaut (lost, weightless, hopeless), but I don’t think I achieved that with this mini experience. I originally wanted the journey of the astronaut to be longer and more difficult to reach home. I considered adding obstacles or slower game mechanics to achieve these feelings.”

  • What difficulties did you come across?

“Building an AR experience was a lot different than building a video game experience. There’s a lot more user testing required because you don’t know how a user will interact with your AR experience compared to other digital experiences. I picked the lens studio to build it but didn’t realize that I had to consider learning new software in a short period of time. It’s one of the reasons why I scaled down the final to a simpler idea.”

  • My opinion:

I think this was a really cool concept and she brought out her idea really well with lens studio. The lens worked fine on snapchat and I ran into no issues, however maybe if there was a text somewhere explaining what to do, for example “look around and find the astronaut and return him to earth” then it might have been a bit better as some people might not understand what they actually have to do when they open this lens. Other than that I thought this was a really cute piece and I really enjoyed it.


Student# 3186250


Video: Star

Link:  https://editor.p5js.org/sarahoneyyy/sketches/kn1HTmxyw


Back when we did the first generative art assignment, I made this rule;


I wanted to expand on that and make it come to life. However, while doing the work, I decided that a square or circle is too boring, so I figured to experiment with stars. I got a star reference from P5js to start working with. At first, I was working with a still star;


I decided to add more stars and then movement so that the stars would rotate around the screen, then I went ahead to make different star sizes and added colours. However, I wanted it to do more as I thought a bunch of stars floating around is too simple.  so I started messing around with the code to make the stars leave a pattern behind them.