Exp.3-3-3 Interview with Emily Flood

Interview with Emily Flood’s Pixel Art World

Emily’s project created a pixel art world with lovely animals and floating flowers on a rainy day. 

1.How did you get this idea?  What inspired you?

I was largely inspired by the Minecraft earth app which takes Minecraft and implements it into an AR game. I was also inspired by pixel art gifs around the internet and other games like Stardew Valley and Terraria. I think Minecraft has a wonderful and effective aesthetic – even if graphics aren’t the main point of the game there’s definitely a certain charm to it – and they are considered iconic in gaming.

2. What do you want to achieve here (what scene do you want to create with your AR)?

I wanted to take the pixel art aesthetic and make that the main focus of my app, animating cute animals and flowers and rain to create an environment for the viewer to enjoy. It’s a simple goal but I figure AR is perfect for creating visual experiences, as it is not yet the best medium for game development, in my opinion.

3. Do you enjoy the process of creating your own AR Project?

I enjoyed it a lot! I do some pixel art in my spare time so the workflow was quite natural for me. It was figuring out Lens Studio that was the hard part.

4. Except for Lens Studio, what other software did you use for this project? What’s your overall user experience with Lens Studio?

For the pixel art animation, I used Aseprite. I’m already very familiar with Aseprite as I have used it for years, so I had no trouble with it. As for Lens Studio, I would say my user experience was overall pleasant. It took some getting used to, but I noticed that the interface was similar to some 3D software I’ve used, such as Blender. It’s nowhere near as complex, obviously, but it’s like a very simplified version of blender. At some point, I might try implementing 3D objects of my own just to see what it would look like.

5. Did you encounter any technical issues that failed to achieve the effect that you want? How did you solve them?

Since I was new to the software I didn’t fully know what I was doing, so I watched some YouTube tutorials on the subject – particularly on how to implement 2D animated objects into Lens Studio, as the Lens Studio website had many resources for 3D animation but seemed to be a bit lacking in 2D. Most of the software was intuitive so that was the only real obstacle I had – it turns out there is a lot you have to tweak in the software if you want your animation to work properly.

6. Where do you want to improve if you havd more time?

If I had more time I would definitely add more assets. I would add trees, different plants, other animals, and I might figure out a way to alternate the weather between rain and snow. I might have also given the animals some more animations than just one or two.

img_6275 img_6272 img_6271

Experience with Emily’s Project OvO

Overall Comments:

I really like the design that animals were built on different layers and when the user taps the screen they will change the position to interact with the scene, which creating a good immersive experience. Also, the most important point is that those animated animals are so cute. I would suggest for the next step maybe make the “tap” trigger another animation or different sounds if possible, which would be more interesting and enhance the interactive experience. Thank you for your project!