Assignment 1 – Speculative Wearable: Light up Headband


My wearable is a headband that lights up in different patterns according to the sounds around you. It will change to match the sounds around you and create fun patterns of light related to the sounds or music. The product will have three settings, sounds, music and off. These will correlate to the number of times the power button is pressed. The power button is set behind the left ear of the headband so it is out of sight and doesn’t affect the overall view of the headband.

When activated the headband will connect to the user’s phone via Bluetooth and using the microphone of the phone will sense the sounds around the person and adjust the lighting patterns accordingly. If the user clicks the button a second time then the headband will sync the lights to the pattern of the music either being played from the phone or around the user.


The objective behind the creation of this product is to create an accessory that can be fun to wear. It is to create a fun headband that will compliment one’s outfit while it is off as well as help make a statement when the user turns the product on.

Headbands and LED strips already exist so my object is a merge between both the headband and the colourful lights to create something fun to wear. A difference between the lights in the market is that my product can adjust the light-based off sounds that are not just from the music being played.



Close-up sketch of the headband with the proposed materials for the product.

A sketch of the positioning of the headband as well as the light setting on the headband. It is also to show the different visual states of this headband.









Material Mood Board


Similar Works

Two works that I took inspiration from are the following:

  1. Sengled Smart Wi-Fi LED (Kozuch, 2021)
  2. Twinkly Line (Hager, 2021)

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