Assignment 1 – Speculative Wearable

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I was inspired by platypus’s electroreception ability. What is it exactly? Electroreception is the sixth sense of a platypus that gives them the ability to locate objects and avoid collisions in the dark waters by using an electric impulse. They cannot see, smell or hear, and electroreception substitute all of them. I have always thought it is a cool ability to have, to be able to sense where everything is located, so nothing ever goes amiss. I want to create a headpiece that can replicate the ability of the Platypus. 


The objective of this wearable is to “sense” what’s there and can guide the individual what he is surrounded with, and locate items. It can warn you by sensing if there is an object that you are about to come in contact with: furniture, walls, doors, substances, anything. This specifically targets people with vision impairments. With this wearable, they can have an idea of their surroundings and envision their view. As someone who has been affected with very poor vision, it would nice to leave my glasses at home while going out. This can also be useful in terms of shopping, locating the perfect shirt that you never knew existed.



I wanted my hat to have a brim because it reminded me of the platypus beak.  I want to make it look fashionable which makes you feel: “Wow, who knew this extreme-looking hat can give me special abilities!” I have an obsession with veils, therefore I incorporated a veil to make it more “me” and also it can symbolize the inability to see. I also thought since this is specifically targeted for people with visual impairments, it wouldn’t matter if their eyes are hidden from the veil.  


It can be activated the moment you wear it on your head since our body can naturally conduct electricity. The nodes will read the electricity from our body, then transfer it to the sensing component which will allow the individual to enable their sixth sense.  Once it is “activated” by wearing the hat, your mind is able to sense its surrounding, similar to having some sort of superpower. It can then allow you to know the location of the item you are searching for.  There is nothing much to do, besides wearing it on your head and walk without worrying that you’re about to hit a pole. (Real tragic experience)

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