Assignment 1 – Speculative Wearable

Michael Sinn – 3179775


  The concept for this project is a forearm band that you can use to organize small magnetic metal parts, as well as being able to measure objects easily.  The band will have electromagnets embedded within itself that can be controlled with a simple switch. This is where you will be able to place any of the small metallic parts, and have them accessible whenever you need them. In addition to this, the band also has a pair of laser diodes controlled by micro-stepper motors and a distance sensor.  The laser diode, when activated, will display a variable length (controlled by the tuning dial) onto any surface.  Through the use of trigonometry and the distance sensor, the laser diodes can be made to always be projecting the same length onto an object, regardless of how far you are from it.


The Idea for this wearable came from my own person experiences with building a making different things.  I am always misplacing different screws, screwdriver tips, washers, and other small items.  That’s why I came up with the idea of making a band that goes around your forearm that holds electromagnets.  I decided upon using electromagnets because using regular magnets would always be picking up every little piece of metal that you have across your desk.  The addition of the measurement tool was due to the fact that I never seemed to have calipers or a ruler on hand, and also had issues with measuring the surface area of different objects that don’t have a flat edge on them.



Physical Mood Board



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