Assignment 1: Speculative Wearable – Brandon.S


My wearable is an athletic compression sleeve that gives you feedback on your kick mechanics. This product is not specific to any game, it can be used for many like Soccer and MMA. The product will have a hypersensitive muscle tracker in the sleeve so that it can analyze your fine movements. Once a movement is completed the data taken from the sleeve will be sent to your phone, the app will indicate the flaws and offer you tips to resolve them. The power button is at the top of the sleeve, near the wrist, and can be switched on and off manually. The app and sleeve are paired by Bluetooth connection. 

States: When off the button will display no colour. In addition to the app notifications when On the button will glow white, when a kick is good the button will glow green, when the kick has few to little flaws it will glow yellow and when it is a bad kick it will glow red.

20210119_055339(Its rough but you get the point lol)

MaterialsMade out of nylon and spandex

Positionsit extends from the upper shin to the ankle.



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