Assignment 1: Speculative Wearable – Imra Ali (3187224)


The wearable I have designed is called Calmy. The product is a hoodie that begins to compress when an individual feels anxious, worried, and/or scared. The hoodie senses these emotions by the multiple sensors embedded into the fabric. For instance, located in the left cuff, you can find a heart rate checker. This location is ideal as it provides perfect access to the individual’s pulse. 

When the individual wears the hoodie, the sensors are keeping track of the heart and breathing rates. The moment the stats are becoming abnormal, the hoodie will compress to the individual’s body. Once the individual’s stats become normal, the hoodie will release compression and go back to its original form. 

If the individual is unable to recover and their stats become worse, the hoodie’s Bluetooth connection will alert the Calmy app to alert their emergency contacts.


Pressure stimulation has shown to be very successful for many individuals. When Calmy applies compression, it delivers a deep touch pressure which acts as a calming hug. This product will greatly benefit individuals with a sensory processing disorder, autism, anxiety, ADHD, etc.

Some benefits connected to pressure stimulation therapy are…

  • Decreased anxiety
  • Increased happiness (endorphin)
  • Increased attentiveness
  • Delivers a calming effect
  • Slows down involuntary functions in connection to stress and anxiety

Overall, the goal of Calmy is to help individuals deal with their emotions before they elevate. The hoodie’s sensors activate in advance so the individual is able to persevere through it.

Material Mood Board





Note: All the technology is placed inside expect the manual control buttons.


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