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I was trying to design a wearable alcohol concentration monitoring system, more specifically, a wearable electronic tattoo. This wearable electronic gourd-shaped tattoo contains a sensor that can measure the BAC(blood alcohol concentration) within the human body based on sweat and then transmit the data to mobile phones or other electronic devices via Bluetooth. In addition to the sensor, the device also contains LED lights that change according to the BAC to indicate whether the alcohol concentration in the human body exceeds the standard. It only needs to be attached to the human skin (non-invasive), and the user or even the doctor or police can track the BAC in real-time and continuously collect data.

When there is no alcohol content in the human body, the tattoo has no special colour. Once the sensor detects that the human blood contains alcohol, it will immediately transmit the data to the user’s mobile phone, prompting not to drive after drinking. As the user’s alcohol content increases, the tattoo will have a corresponding colour. For instance, when the alcohol content is very low, the tattoo will be light green. When the BAC of the human body is about 20mg/100ml, the tattoo will be light yellow. At this time, the user’s location information will be automatically uploaded to the cloud. The user will also receive appropriate notification and can choose whether to notify close contacts. Moreover, as the alcohol content increases, the tattoo slowly transitions from yellow to orange, yet when the BAC exceeds 80mg/100ml, the tattoo turns red, and the data will be transmitted to the mobile phone to remind the user and send location information to preset emergency contacts. Meanwhile, users can directly book car-hailing services (e.g., Uber, Lyft, etc.) through the shortcut instructions within the app or dial directly to family members/friends. Additionally, users can also limit their alcohol consumption in the mobile app and set more personalized services.

This smart tattoo was designed in the shape of a gourd since in the Chinese historical context, the gourd was used as a container for liquor by the ancients. Besides, I personally love the tiny gourd because it is cute and a symbol of good luck in Chinese traditional culture.


The smart bracelet we are familiar with can check the amount of exercise in real-time through the mobile phone application, monitoring the effect of walking and running; it can also record sleep time and monitor sleep quality. If the alcohol content in the body can also be displayed on mobile phones or other electronic devices as real-time data when drinking, it can not only serve as a warning to oneself but also facilitate the supervision of family members and let friends assure that the user could drive safely. It is a kind of responsibility for one’s own health and safety, as well as for others.

Nowadays, most traffic accidents are caused by drunk driving. This wearable electronic tattoo can monitor alcohol levels and prevent people from driving while drunk. When the user attends a party or drinks in a bar, this tattoo can send data and alerts to the one’s mobile phone synchronously, letting the user know how much alcohol they have drunk; LED lights always remind the user of the drinking state, providing the one with health protection.

After users end a party, before bidding farewell to each other and driving away, all participants can use this device to check each other’s situation and immediately advise drunk users not to drive. Users can also directly operate the automatic ride-hailing service or notify their emergency contacts if they need it. Furthermore, the device can form a system that connects with the user’s car, as long as the one’s alcohol content exceeds the limit, the car cannot be started. Therefore, the case of drunk driving would be reduced.

In medical use scenarios, doctors can monitor the recent alcohol content of a patient according to the records and understand the one’s drinking situation. In other words, this monitoring system can play a significant role in the treatment of alcoholics.


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Input: Sweat (Monitor BAC). Output: LED light & App reminder. 5 States: Clear-0%, Green-<20%, Yellow-20%, Orange-80%, Red->80%.





Mood Board:

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Metal, plastic, light, tape, tin foil, rubber…


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