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Assignment 1- Speculative Wearable      Jacqueline Lamblot- Grossi 3188049

Cure On The Go


My wearable is a compact solution and fix to the everyday pains everyone struggles with! It is a laser therapy system that fits in your bag and is wearable at any time, in any place. It consists of two laser applicators on each end of a wire that connects the two. Different attachments in a variety of sizes come with the product to be used with the applicator for different areas of the body.


As a person who lives with chronic neck and back pain, I know I am not alone, and visiting the chiropractor and physiotherapist can get pricy and sometimes hard. Low light laser therapy is something commonly used in these practices. This product makes it simple and easily accessible to help aid in the most common pains.

Where it is located?

The device can be located on any part of the body that the user desires, below are some examples of high pain areas.



How it is activated?

The device can be activated in two ways. On the back of the right laser is an ON/OFF button. It may also be controlled by the app if the user chooses to use the app along with the device.

The app is a second controller to the device that also allows the user to track their pain and how the system is working to heal the body.

img_1156 img_1155

What does it do when activated 

The lasers go through stages of warming up and using their sensors to read where the pain is coming from in order to target the correct area and use the correct strength.

When activated the lasers turn on and work under the user’s skin to reach areas of pain and aid in the comfort and healing of the muscle. They are able to use light energy to relax muscles, aid in healing damaged tissues, reduce pain and inflammation, and stimulate nerve regeneration.


There are no visible changes to the device when it is activated. It works under the skin only.

What different “states” does it have? 

The different states of the lasers can either be controlled through the iPhone app (setting a timer or the rate at which it works) or by using built-in sensors to study the area beneath the skin. They work controlled by the pain/inflammation, damage, tension, stress, and nerve damage to the area.

If the user has downloaded the app, the lasers collect data of how it was used. This data can later be shared with a doctor, or just used to track pain. The app also has many features for the customer, such as facts about pain and what can be causing pain.


Material mood board 

  • wires
  • felt pads for furniture with glue underneath


Two works that are similar to this idea


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