Speculative Wearable – Zoë Roiati-Antonucci

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I call this wearable the ✨HUMAN CLAW MACHINE✨ It’s purpose is to act as an extra set of tendons that connect to someone’s fingertips and through the device’s transverse carpal ligament. When the strings are pulled down, the fingers close and when the strings are released, the elastic bands on the back of the hand spring the fingers back up.  It works best for picking up small objects like a lipstick, or a tool. It would be designed to protect its’ user from electrocution from water or any other external weather conditions.


(Please excuse this terrible hand drawing)

Some other benefits of The Human Claw Machine are:

  • Want to exercise your hand with a stress ball but need a bit of extra support?  Pull on those strings for assistance!
  • Did you fall asleep on your arm at night causing it to go numb? Water is an excellent way to alleviate a cramp. But oh no! The water is on the side of the bed that is only reachable by your numb hand. Have no fear, use The Human Claw Machine to grab it efficiently. Use the good hand to pull the strings on the bad hand so you don’t have to roll over and further disturb your sleep to reach over for your water.


The base of the device would most likely be some type of glove that fits over the hand and all fingers separately. Because I want it to be water resistant, it would mostly likely be a soft leather-based glove. The ringlets that wrap around the fingers and wrist will be made out of stainless steel (similar to the metal that makes up my S’well bottle below). The stainless steel would act as a water resistant metal that wouldn’t rust over in harsh weather conditions as well as make the device wearable while bathing.

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As I had mentioned in my introduction on Teams, I have a great interest in prosthetics. There is this company in Montreal that designs fashionable prosthetics. They’re called ALLELES Design Studio. My dream goal is to design very whacky looking prosthetics that may look like they don’t function well but in fact function in ways no one would ever think is possible.

My second inspiration is the character “Gazelle” from the movie “Kingsman: The Secret Service” played by Sofia Boutella. The character uses deadly prosthetic blades that double as her legs.



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