Assignment 2: Expressive Wearable Khushi Jetley


The wearable that I have created is called showUP. This device is for individuals that suffer from anxiety. The wearable has 2 different modes that show how the person wearing is feeling. As someone who has struggles with anxiety, I know that sometimes it is hard to express yourself when feeling anxious. ShowUP, helps the individuals express anxiety to those around them, without having to tell them physically.

When the person is happy/calm, they can turn on the yellow light by just doing the blue snap fastener. However if the person is feeling anxious, they can do the pink snap fastener and the bracelet will glow in purple colour.


ShowUP, will help anxiety patients get the help that they need. Most of the time, anxiety is ignored as people label it as overthinking, overstressing, nervousness etc. Through this wearable device, not only I intend to make people aware of anxiety disorder and its consequences, but also help normalise the stigma around it.


Idea: This idea started out as an anklet speed tracker. However, I realized that the requirements of the assignments need for the device to be able to express a feeling/emotion. Hence, I thought that I would like to express what I feel a lot, anxiety.

Initial Sketches: I had decided that I wanted to create an accessory for my wearable. I was debating between bracelets, belts and earrings. Bracelet was the best choice for my intended purpose, expressing the state of mind.

After deciding what I wanted to create, the next part was how I am going to make a bracelet that looks fashionable and  job. I mapped out the circuit and the flow and made some sketches of how the final product would look like.

img-0292 img-0291

Circuit: Once I mapped the circuit, I played around with the makecode and tried to make the CPX function as per my needs using alligator clips. After few tries the functionality of the device was perfect.

Designing the Device: Designing and maneuvering the circuit was fairly easy as compared to designing the exterior of the device. I had never worked with texttiles and hence I was a little hard to wrap my head around it and get used to it.



Final Project



Overall I am happy with the outcome of my project. If I were redo it I would make the bracelet a little smaller, and more aesthetically appealing. Additionally, I would like to practice a bit more with the sewing and textiles in general, as I believe, due to inadequacy, I did put too much time in figuring things out.

Additionally, I would like to introduce the showUP, device in various different forms like earrings, necklace, etc. Also, I would like for the product to have various settings indicating levels of anxiety/serenity.


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