Expressive Wearable – Zoë Roiati-Antonucci “Touched”


Concept & Objective 

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I decided to created a wearable that represents the feeling of love and/or gratitude. I made a little heart shaped necklace that sits above your heart. To activate it, you must wear a finger piece and place your hand over your heart. It lights up when you show that you feel moved or “touched”.


img_7212 img_7213


First I put together the circuit.


The conductive fabric connects to pin A3 and GND.e7f302c2-949d-4a9d-8f42-a436aa1b2e29

I then traced out a case made out of cotton in the shape of a heart.


I then sandwiched the two heart shape pieces onto the circuit and sewed them together.


Finally traced out the spots where I needed to cut the cotton out so that the conductive fabric could be visible.


The finger piece is made out of of the same cotton and conductive thread.


img_7209 img_7208

Parts List

  • Felt
  • Cotton
  • Conductive thread
  • Thread
  • Circuit Playground Express
  • Conductive Fabric


The main thing I would like to continue working on for this project is hooking it up to a portable battery as opposed to having it plugged into my computer, as well as making it a bit more portable itself and not as bulky.

Also, next time I make a ring, I should instead use an elastic fabric that hugs the finger because the cotton just slips off.


My greatest inspiration for this piece came from “Iron Man,” the first movie of it’s series. Where Tony Stark’s partner Pepper, places his spare life saving device is a case surrounded by the words “Proof That Tony Stark Has A Heart.”


Favreua, J. (Director.) (2008). Iron Man [Film]. Paramount Pictures.


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