• Try a medium that softens the light–Water
    • DIY Pressure switch
  • DIY Capacitive Sensor and Expansion of the pressure switch 
  • Mouse pad pressure switch


Journal #1

Try a medium that softens the light–Water

In my first journal post, I want to share the code I learned in the Adafruit tutorial. The name of the tutorial is “night light”, which can make all the light bulbs on the CPX emit strong light. In my previous works, I think the light on the CPX is too bright for human eyes, so in my future works, I prefer to let the light shine through some media to soften the light. The medium I want to try first is water. I would like to explore how different colours of light refracting through the water. I chose six colours in this experiment: red, green, blue, purple, lavender, and light pink.

I found that the light of higher lightness colours (red, green, blue) usually only have the colour of the light itself, while the light of lower lightness colours (light pink, lavender and purple) will reflect their own colour and the colour of the rainbow. Usually, the shape of shadow refracted by water is uncertain. For my design in the future, we can use this kind of changeable shadow to add a gorgeous effect to the work, and the brightness is basically softer than the light bulb on the microcontroller.


Journal #2

DIY Pressure switch

In my second journal, I want to share my experience of making a pressure sensor. You can control the brightness of the light by pressing the pressure sensor with different intensities. The tutorial on the pressure sensor is from the workshop of week 6.

Reflection:Although the method of making this pressure sensor is very simple, I feel very excited about the success of my first attempt. In the later design, I can make pressure sensors into different shapes, and even hide them in clothes.

Here is the link to the code: https://makecode.adafruit.com/23126-16984-73527-63155 (Links to an external site.)


Week 6 Variable Resistors Workshop

SocialBodyLab. “How to Make an E-Textile Analog Sensor.” YouTube, YouTube, 29 May 2020,

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tA37mGEnPes (Links to an external site.)

Journal #3

DIY Capacitive Sensor and Expansion of the pressure switch

In my third journal, I want to share the process of making a capacitive sensor. In CPX, from pin A1 to pin A7 can sense capacitive touch, so I connected pin A1 to a piece of conductive fabric by conductive thread.

First, fix CPX on the non-conductive fabric with cotton thread, then place a piece of conductive cloth near pin A1. Connecting pin A1 and conductive fabric with conductive thread. Touching the conductive wires on the conductive fabric can trigger CPX light animation.


I also want to share the process of controlling LED with a pressure sensor. In journal 2, I shared the process of using a pressure sensor to control CPX animation, then I attempted to use this sensor to control LED.  When I touch the wire with my hand, the light bulb will light up. Then I connected the sensor, and the light bulb changed its brightness as I pressed it.

2021-04-10-1 2021-04-10-2

Journal #4

Mouse pad pressure switch

In my fourth journal, I want to share the process of making my mouse pad into a pressure sensor. As long as I put the mouse on the mouse pad, the animation will be triggered.

Below are the pictures for the process


here are the circuit diagram and the code

j4-pic5 j4-pic-6





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