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FANXY – Wearable Patron Ghost



Do you believe in the existence of the soul?

Why are some people afraid of ghosts? Must they be evil?

Do you believe that everyone has a different patron saint?

The inspiration I got from various movies and animations made me want to create a soul with colours. All emotions have colours, even with sounds or smells. Fanxy is a wearable ghost that communicates with the owner, it is a concrete form of soul. It has four states: normal, chill, irritable and excited. It has a peculiar appearance: a regular left eyebrow, an angry right eyebrow, two eyeballs with hollow patterns, a serrated, hollow mouth and a dignified bow tie. It freely floats around the owner’s body, quietly guarding and healing the person. Fanxy helps you visually express emotions or states; it enlivens your life, and it is the most loyal pal of yours.

For its image design, Fanxy’s eyes are made of Tibetan beads, which are conventional crafts with Chinese Tibetan characteristics. The carved patterns on them symbolize nature, such as leaves, vines, etc., and also represent a spiritual pursuit of beauty and harmony. The reason for using that as eyes is to incorporate elements such as religion or gods to make Fanxy more psychic. You can see there is a black border around Fanxy, that is to visualize the ghost more clearly, to make the intangible soul tangible, or to frame the floating soul to make its energy intenser.

Fanxy is a significant iteration of my previous project “Watchghost”; that one is more like a prototype for Fanxy; if you want to know more about it, you could check out the link.


The user silently recites an incantation to summon the patron ghost, Fanxy, and trigger its different states, as their inner world is tightly linked.

User wears & powers up Fanxy

Fanxy is awakened, in its pristine state, maintaining a yellow light. If the user is in a normal mood at the moment, without any manipulation, Fanxy will keep the same, quietly guarding the wearer.

User touches Fanxy’s left eyebrow

This point represents the user is chill; by pressing the arc eyebrow, Fanxy is activated the calm mode, emitting faint blue light.

User touches Fanxy’s right eyebrow

Now means the user is getting irritable or so; by pressing the raised eyebrow, Fanxy starts to flicker and remains in red, which is also a warning signal to the outside.

User touches Fanxy’s bow tie

At this point, the user is feeling extremely joyous or so; by pressing the bow tie, Fanxy is triggered a sound effect while becomes colourful.


Invisible Switch: Capacitive Touch – Pin A1, A3, A6


A1 – Blue loading animation for 2s and then CPX stays blue light.
A3 – A sound effect accompanies the 5s rainbow light animation, then returns to CPX initial state of yellow.
A6 – Red flashing animation for 2s and then CPX stays red light.


This project aims to realize the elements that fascinate me in movies and animations while combining them with my personal reminiscence to bring them into daily life.

Personally, I intend to iconify the image of a little ghost. The past assignment was just roughly to sew Fanxy on the sweater, yet I want to make it more portable and apply it to more diverse scenarios. Maybe I am still a person full of childishness. In my childhood, there was a doll that was my closest buddy, accompanying me day in, day out, so that I am a sort of old-school. During the pandemic, sometimes, I feel that I am an isolated island without any signal. As the original intention of healing, I really want to execute the concept to redeem myself. I believe some people would be similar to me, and I hope Fanxy could be stunning to you, heal you a bad day, bring warmness to both you and me.

While receiving a large amount of information every sigle moment, the advancement of AI technology often makes me fantasize about something fancy. Home automation, smart pets, smart toys and some other concepts also make me cannot wait to try them with wearable devices. Also, the current trend in design is paying more and more attention to inclusiveness. I believe that via the combination of tactile, sight, auditory senses, as well as the comprehensive consideration of safety and wearability, not only myself, Fanxy would be suitable for diversified groups including the preschool and special.

Fanxy does mean a lot to me; it is not just expressing certain emotions but a microcosm of mine, which uses the simplest form to achieve the perfect combination of electronics, aesthetics, childishness.


ComfortFanxy is made of soft skin-friendly materials, with a plush feel, so the user will have an excellent wearing and tactile experience. Besides, it is very safe with no threat when using. Fanxy’s face is undulating – the eyes are three-dimensional, the mouth is hollow, the eyebrows and bow tie are with texture, driving people to touch it. Also, its eyes can be rolled.

DurabilityFanxy is very resistant to dirt and can be locally washed to keep clean. It is also very stable by firmly stitching, and not afraid of friction or exposure.

Usability: As the demonstration, I applied it to four usage scenarios, in fact, that would be more extensive. Fanxy can be worn or decorated around various parts of the body. Moreover, Fanxy fits in most daily scenes or sites, the only thing you need is a portable power bank to wake it up. Meanwhile, based on its interactive features and design elements, it is very easy to manipulate or trigger.

Aesthetics: Everyone thinks of beauty differently. I think Fanxy is beautiful with its own personality. It is what the soul looks like in my mind. Fanxy is an emotional, coloured soul. Its appearance is solid and flexible. Its design is very simple but childlike. To some extent, it is cute and iconic.









Fanxy - Ivy

Progress V. #1 FANXY - Code Simulator Check


  • fanxy6
  • fanxy7
  • fanxy8
  • fanxy9
fanxy10fanxy11Face almost finished!
  • fanxy12
  • fanxy13
  • fanxy14
  • fanxy15
Progress V. #2 FANXY - Left Eyebrow Test
  • fanxy16
Progress V. #3 FANXY - Right Eyebrow Test
  • fanxy17
Progress V. #4 FANXY - Bow Tie Test
  • fanxy18
  • fanxy19
  • fanxy20
Progress V. #5 FANXY - Double-Check
  • fanxy21
Progress V. #6 FANXY - Diffusing Test
  • fanxy22
Progress V. #7 FANXY - Sewing Before Filling
  • fanxy24
Progress V. #8 FANXY - Filling


Progress V. #9 FANXY - Almost Done

Progress V. #10 FANXY - Result Preview
  • fanxy23

Final Images

Progress V. #11 FANXY - Final Demo
👻 User Scenario #1 Fanxy Badge


Progress V. #12 FANXY - As Badge
👻 User Scenario #2 Fanxy Hanging
Progress V. #13 FANXY - Hanging Near Pocket
👻 User Scenario #3 Fanxy Pendant


👻 User Scenario #4 Fanxy Crossbody


Progress V. #14 FANXY - As Crossbody Decoration

Parts List

  • Circuit Playground Express
  • USB (A) to Micro (B) Cable
  • Portable Power Bank
  • Conductive Thread
  • Conductive Fabric
  • Normal Thread
  • Felt Sheet
  • Nylon Fabric
  • Normal Fabric (Faber & Cotton)
  • Net Fabric
  • Polyester Faber
  • Cotton Rope
  • Metal Beads
  • Metal Safety Pins
  • Metal Spring Gate O Ring
  • Bag Strap
  • Others (Sewing Needles, Scissors, Marker, Double-Sided Tape, Binder Clips, Mechanical Pencil, Eraser)


Circuit Diagram


Reflections & Next Steps

My final project is an enhanced version of the previous expressive wearable, which is also the result of a better understanding of wearability. For a perfectionist like me, Fanxy still needs to improve in detail, such as more rigour material choice, much deeper considerations/logic in design, neatness of sewing. But overall, compared to the last assignment, I have improved a lot. For instance, the use of more suitable materials to diffuse lights, a more accessible interactive experience, finer stitches, etc., all being mentioned have made Fanxy more complete while basically reach my preset goal. Actually, I cannot wait to share Fanxy with my friends. I also want to take it back to China and show it to my family. My younger brother will absolutely love it.

The production of Fanxy makes me really proud. It is like my child, from intangible to tangible. I have witnessed its growth, at the same time, I have also grown during this process. Indeed, it is very fulfilling to realize a certain vision in your heart step by step. My concentration and patience have withstood the challenge when building Fanxy. In these few days, I have not stopped thinking or self-reflecting. Through this project, my sewing skills have been trained. More importantly, for me, not only the concepts taught in this course but also the understanding of the wearable field have risen to a higher level. Since when I got started in this field, I was in a panic at first. I felt that I know nothing, and I had to learn a bunch immediately. However, through several practices, I produced content that I want to express, which made me feel confident about the future. I started to trust myself, holding a certain understanding of this field. Thus, I know it, when I see an amazing wearable project again, I will no longer just be envious. Like I will use the theoretical framework I have absorbed to analyze and explore it, then finally internalize it into my insight. Thanks to this class, it makes me no longer resist using needles, programming, and gives me a chance to appreciate various materials, experiencing the meaning of interaction and so on. It always lets me feel the charm of electronic technology with aesthetics, exploring futuristic bodies and clothing. In the next stage, I will apply the skills I mastered this semester to various fields and combine them with complex projects. Via the course, I know that wearable technology is not only thriving in the fashion industry but also inclusive and can even change the world. All the experience in this class has also opened up new ideas for me, whether it is for my thesis year or the research direction for graduate studies. At this moment, I feel I am closer to my goal. Everything is laying the foundation for the future. I will keep exploring and researching, designing projects that can address more complicated issues, and be an expresser with connotations. Currently, I define myself as a raw artist, whereas we will see and you will know.

In the end, I really appreciate Oliva and my peers for making me feel such inspiring in a group full of creativity and ideas. You guys are awesome!

Hope all is well. See you in the future!

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