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In this Wearable Electronics final open project. I want to make a piece that is closely related to my major, Jewelry. A brooch design had stayed in my mind since the moment I took this course. To keep the design simpler, I chose a flower pattern to incorporate with one of my previous expressive wearable assignments, the Pleasant Shaker. This brooch will be worn on my working apron as the medal shows the completion of this Wearable Electronic Course, my last elective course in OCAD.


Start from high school, my favourite course is called metal design, a very simple course teaches basic metalworking skills, such as fabricating, soldering, and casting, etc… When it comes to picking a post-graduation institute, I went straight to OCAD because its MAAD program had a branch call Jewelry. The very first class in OCAD was the Intro to Jewelry course. This course teaches the same staff just like what I learned in high school. So that I put more attention around the classroom. The most attractive thing in the class is the brooch pins where our instructors hang on their apron. The brooches are not very shiny but hang like medals from their career. So that I want to make something showing the graduation of this course.



Take the case out from the Pleasant Shaker assignment.

It reserved the opening for the power cord on the bottom.


Create the repeat pattern for the lid.


Reangle the patterns and place into the right height.


Make two branch to place the brooch pin back.


Print it out with clear resin and remove the sprues.


Glue the pins with super glue.

Final Image

Not activate




Part List

  • CPX
  • Power cable
  • Power Bank
  • Pin Back
  • LCD 3D Printer
  • Transparent Resin


Reflection and Next step

For the power cord, I tried to remove the protective rubber layer on the type-c cord. But it makes the connection weaker to work with. Unfortunately, the power cord breaks when I tried to insert it into the case. In the future, I will try to show some of the electronics rather than put them all in the case. If the design in the proper way some of the electronic units can be more attractive than the outer case. To simplify the design in the future work will be considered more like only make a frame to hold the electronic units like gemstones. Even though the CPX is a powerful unit to work with, I will still try to incorporate more other electronic units in the future. After working through this course, I had learned a lot about how the electronic unit can be incorporated in the form of jewelry. I started building the basic knowledge around wearable electronics and will keep developing it with jewelry in the future.


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