Open Project : The SummerTime Purse

DIGF 2016 Open Project- Khushi Jetley : The Summertime Purse


Summer is a fun time of the year. A day out at the beach or the amusement park can be a lot of fun. However dehydration, heat exhaustion and sunburns are few of many problems that individuals can face during the hot summer days. The summertime purse not only acts as a vessel to carry your essentials whilst you enjoy but also will act as a reminder to take care of yourself.


Summertime Purse will act as a means of self care during a busy day. Oftentimes when we are out with other people, amid having fun, we tend to forget to take care of ourselves. Hence, this bag will act as a reminder of taking a sip of water, or putting on sunscreen, or trying to cool down.

The bag is equipped with a temperature sensor, that makes the flowers light up if the temperature is more than 10 degrees Celsuis. When the individuals open the bag the lights on the butterflies and the flowers start blinking, reminding the uses to take a break and put their needs first.


  • Putting the bag together
    • The bag was put together using pattern I found online. (The link is posted below if anyone wants to try).
    • The pattern was simple to follow and very thorough.
    • unnamed-2 unnamed-1  unnamed
  • Circuit
    • The circuit was constructed on a fusible fleece interfacing using conductive thread, conductive fabric and copper tape.
    • The insulation for some intersecting parts was done with tape.
    • img-0958-1img-0940_1_75img-0941_1_3_81 img-0960_80_1_56_1_25
  • Code
    • adafruit-circuit-playground-express-blocks-_-javascript-editor

Final Project Images

img-0949-1 img-0957-1

Parts List

  • Exterior fabric:
    • 1/2 yard fabric (quilt weight or home decor/can- vas)
    • scraps of vinyl for tassel and side connectors
  • Lining fabric:
    • 1/2 yard quilt weight cotton
    • Interfacing:
    • 1/2 yard fusible fleece
    • 2 yards fusible woven interfacing
  • Notions and supplies:
    • (1) 1” rectangle slide
    • (2) 1” swivel clips
    • (2) 1” D-ring or triangle rings
    • (1) 1/2” D-ring (for tassel)
    • (1) 18mm magnetic snap
  • Circuit
    • Copper Tape
    • Conductive Thread
    • Conductive Fabric
    • (11) Red/Orange LEDs
    • (5)Blue LEDs
    • (16) 220 ohms Resistors

Circuit Diagram


Reflections & Next Steps

This project was a really good learning experience. I had no experience with sewing, so this was my first big sewing project. It was very informative as well as frustrating at times.

My project was different from my proposal as I proposed to create a responsive scheme of LEDs that was dependent on the analog input from the sensor. However, the final project was a bit simpler, as it only took a singular output to create the behaviors of the LEDs. In future, I would refine the wiring of the circuit, to make the product more efficient. I would also like to use a better temperature sensor, to make the product more interactive.  I intend to make the bag functional all year round, with more room for the analog input. I would also like to create timed-based specific patches that reminds the user for specific things. With more practice I would also like to make the bag more polished and well-built.


FREE The Sweet Pea Saddle Bag – PDF Sewing Pattern


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