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✨🌸Twinkle Toes🌸✨

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My project is a sock with twinkling lights on the tips of its toes triggered by a pressure sensor that sits under the big toe. When the pressure sensor is pressed, the LEDs light up one after the other from the blue one, to red, to green. I added some flowers to create a very playful, whimsical aesthetic.


My goal was to create something fun and cheerful during such a down and exhausting time. I could see this piece being more for children who enjoy dressing up in costume or for those in performance/dance who would like to add a twinkling light to their feet that help track their movements.





First I flipped the sock inside-out and sewed in the CPX and LEDs

*NOTE* I cut up a piece of paper and wedged it in-between the CPX and the fabric so it wouldn’t burn out.

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Then I added the pressure sensor on the other side where the big toe would go.

img_7765 img_7766

I made sure none of the wires crossed over each other. If they needed to cross paths, I made sure they were looped on opposite sides of the fabric.

Finally, I tested it out.

I taped a paper barrier to my foot to avoid the CPX coming in direct contact with my skin.


img_7879 img_7880 img_7881

As a way to cover up the messy wires and add a more fun fairy-like aesthetic, I added some flowers on the surface.


img_7887 img_7890 img_7891

Materials List

  • White cotton sock
  • Conductive thread
  • 1 Blue LED, 1 Red LED, 1 Green LED
  • Circuit Playground Express
  • 200 Ohm resisters & 10k Ohm resistors
  • Fake flowers and leaves
  • Paper

Reflection and Next Steps

I’m super happy with the turn out. I had little to no issues with the code. They only part that gave me problems sometimes were the LEDs and resistors coming loose and I would have to tighten the thread a little bit. If I were to take this further I would definitely add a second sock  and experiment with different LED patterns. I would probably add a few other LEDs around the entire sock. Finally I would probably spend more time creating a better barrier between the device and my direct skin as opposed to just paper.

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