Assignment 1: Speculative Wearable – Ivy Sun (3183268)

P0_Ivy Sun


I was trying to design a wearable alcohol concentration monitoring system, more specifically, a wearable electronic tattoo. This wearable electronic gourd-shaped tattoo contains a sensor that can measure the BAC(blood alcohol concentration) within the human body based on sweat and then transmit the data to mobile phones or other electronic devices via Bluetooth. In addition to the sensor, the device also contains LED lights that change according to the BAC to indicate whether the alcohol concentration in the human body exceeds the standard. It only needs to be attached to the human skin (non-invasive), and the user or even the doctor or police can track the BAC in real-time and continuously collect data.

When there is no alcohol content in the human body, the tattoo has no special colour. Once the sensor detects that the human blood contains alcohol, it will immediately transmit the data to the user’s mobile phone, prompting not to drive after drinking. As the user’s alcohol content increases, the tattoo will have a corresponding colour. For instance, when the alcohol content is very low, the tattoo will be light green. When the BAC of the human body is about 20mg/100ml, the tattoo will be light yellow. At this time, the user’s location information will be automatically uploaded to the cloud. The user will also receive appropriate notification and can choose whether to notify close contacts. Moreover, as the alcohol content increases, the tattoo slowly transitions from yellow to orange, yet when the BAC exceeds 80mg/100ml, the tattoo turns red, and the data will be transmitted to the mobile phone to remind the user and send location information to preset emergency contacts. Meanwhile, users can directly book car-hailing services (e.g., Uber, Lyft, etc.) through the shortcut instructions within the app or dial directly to family members/friends. Additionally, users can also limit their alcohol consumption in the mobile app and set more personalized services.

This smart tattoo was designed in the shape of a gourd since in the Chinese historical context, the gourd was used as a container for liquor by the ancients. Besides, I personally love the tiny gourd because it is cute and a symbol of good luck in Chinese traditional culture.


The smart bracelet we are familiar with can check the amount of exercise in real-time through the mobile phone application, monitoring the effect of walking and running; it can also record sleep time and monitor sleep quality. If the alcohol content in the body can also be displayed on mobile phones or other electronic devices as real-time data when drinking, it can not only serve as a warning to oneself but also facilitate the supervision of family members and let friends assure that the user could drive safely. It is a kind of responsibility for one’s own health and safety, as well as for others.

Nowadays, most traffic accidents are caused by drunk driving. This wearable electronic tattoo can monitor alcohol levels and prevent people from driving while drunk. When the user attends a party or drinks in a bar, this tattoo can send data and alerts to the one’s mobile phone synchronously, letting the user know how much alcohol they have drunk; LED lights always remind the user of the drinking state, providing the one with health protection.

After users end a party, before bidding farewell to each other and driving away, all participants can use this device to check each other’s situation and immediately advise drunk users not to drive. Users can also directly operate the automatic ride-hailing service or notify their emergency contacts if they need it. Furthermore, the device can form a system that connects with the user’s car, as long as the one’s alcohol content exceeds the limit, the car cannot be started. Therefore, the case of drunk driving would be reduced.

In medical use scenarios, doctors can monitor the recent alcohol content of a patient according to the records and understand the one’s drinking situation. In other words, this monitoring system can play a significant role in the treatment of alcoholics.


Collage_Ivy Sun
Input: Sweat (Monitor BAC). Output: LED light & App reminder. 5 States: Clear-0%, Green-<20%, Yellow-20%, Orange-80%, Red->80%.





Mood Board:

Mood Board_Ivy Sun
Metal, plastic, light, tape, tin foil, rubber…


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Speculative Wearable – Zoë Roiati-Antonucci

img_6887 img_6888 img_6889


I call this wearable the ✨HUMAN CLAW MACHINE✨ It’s purpose is to act as an extra set of tendons that connect to someone’s fingertips and through the device’s transverse carpal ligament. When the strings are pulled down, the fingers close and when the strings are released, the elastic bands on the back of the hand spring the fingers back up.  It works best for picking up small objects like a lipstick, or a tool. It would be designed to protect its’ user from electrocution from water or any other external weather conditions.


(Please excuse this terrible hand drawing)

Some other benefits of The Human Claw Machine are:

  • Want to exercise your hand with a stress ball but need a bit of extra support?  Pull on those strings for assistance!
  • Did you fall asleep on your arm at night causing it to go numb? Water is an excellent way to alleviate a cramp. But oh no! The water is on the side of the bed that is only reachable by your numb hand. Have no fear, use The Human Claw Machine to grab it efficiently. Use the good hand to pull the strings on the bad hand so you don’t have to roll over and further disturb your sleep to reach over for your water.


The base of the device would most likely be some type of glove that fits over the hand and all fingers separately. Because I want it to be water resistant, it would mostly likely be a soft leather-based glove. The ringlets that wrap around the fingers and wrist will be made out of stainless steel (similar to the metal that makes up my S’well bottle below). The stainless steel would act as a water resistant metal that wouldn’t rust over in harsh weather conditions as well as make the device wearable while bathing.

img_6893  img_6895


As I had mentioned in my introduction on Teams, I have a great interest in prosthetics. There is this company in Montreal that designs fashionable prosthetics. They’re called ALLELES Design Studio. My dream goal is to design very whacky looking prosthetics that may look like they don’t function well but in fact function in ways no one would ever think is possible.

My second inspiration is the character “Gazelle” from the movie “Kingsman: The Secret Service” played by Sofia Boutella. The character uses deadly prosthetic blades that double as her legs.



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Assignment 1: Speculative Wearable-Joyce Yu

Assignment 1: Speculative Wearable- Joyce Yu

screen-shot-2021-01-19-at-2-04-10-am screen-shot-2021-01-19-at-2-08-02-am



For my wearables assignment, I created an ankle band that allows you to navigate to places through small pulses it releases onto your ankles so that an individual is guided as they physically walk.

Personally, I always have issues whenever I try to use a map and find my destination because sometimes what I see on the screen does not match my surroundings. And many times, I find myself accidentally taking the wrong turn or even missing the street. So, I always have to walk around and look back at my phone to see if I am going the right direction, which is at times difficult when the weather is cold or I am trying to conserve my mobile battery. But through this wearable electronic, one can depend on the pulses the anklet is sending out easily. Because these ankle bands are small and light, they can be worn under the band of socks. They are also waterproof which allows the product to be sturdy and long-lasting.

This product is great for people who experience navigating on foot and for those who are exploring new locations and need a very reliant source of directions. It is also great for daily joggers because it guides you without the need of keep checking your app.

My wearable is a band that is worn around the ankles, so it is designed in a way that it moves with the movement of your leg while also not being too tight, with a technology that allows the band to retain its shape so that when the ankle relaxes from an angled position, the band slowly moves back into its original shape. Because the measurements of ankles differ depending on the individual, the band can be secured using a velcro ending through a metal loop.


How does it work?

  • The two anklets connect to a mobile app that is like no other platform that offer maps of locations. However, it is encrypted to send signals to the anklets with Bluetooth to send accurate pulses while the user is walking to guide them.
  • To turn right, the anklet releases pulses all around the right ankle and to turn left, it does the same with the left ankle.
  • To turn around and go the opposite way, the anklet pulses on the two heel parts of the ankle.
  • To signal going forward, the anklet releases pulses to the front area of the ankle.
  • The ankle band can be charged daily similar to other active accessories.




Outer waterproof material such as polyester microfiber fabric is used as the shell of the band so that it can resist moisture such as sweat. Also, elastomer which is a type of flexible polymer that does not contain latex because there are individuals who may have an allergic reaction to it. So, this material will be used for the small pulse releasers that are embedded within the band. Within the band, there are small wires that are covered with silicone so that it can maintain flexibility and be water-resistant. The ankle band will also include an adjustable velcro lining so that it can fit any leg easily as well as securely. Metal is also a material that can be seen within this wearable through the wires and the loop at the end for the velcro piece.

Ankle band with socks
Ankle band with socks

Two things that are similar to this wearable are FitBits band and the Google Maps app. The sports tracking band created by FitBit allows the user to record physical activity but also offers GPS use that creates cues that can be heard while walking or jogging. This product also connects to the mobile device through an app so that locations can be searched and navigated. Another app that is similar to my ankle band in a way is Google Maps because this is the basic platform of maps and find directions to places through phones and tablets. They also offer verbal instructions but are sometimes inaccurate and hard to follow.


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Assignment 1: Speculative Wearable — Nala Ren


As a creator, have you ever been so absorbed in a “flow state” that you forget to eat? Or maybe you’re a gamer who sits in front of the screen for hours on end, too focused to take a break for water. FLO is the solution – a small, unnoticeable device worn on the back of the neck which monitors caloric intake and other biometrics, and prompts the user when they are becoming hungry or dehydrated, encouraging them to eat or have a drink. The goal of FLO is to help users build healthy and sustainable eating habits.


FLO is a device, worn on the back of the neck, which monitors caloric intake, hydration, and other biometrics by analyzing factors such as blood composition and endocrine system changes. The goal of FLO is to alert users when there is a change in the body that signifies hunger and/or thirst, and to then encourage the user to eat or drink something to maintain a healthy level of homeostasis.

The device would allow users to choose how they would prefer to be alerted. For building healthy habits, a user might choose a quiet “ding” sound, or a single light vibration to let them know they need to obtain sustenance. For users who would be tempted to ignore these prompts, they might instead choose a loud, annoying alarm, or a vibration that continues nonstop until the device senses that food or drink has been consumed.

FLO would also connect to an app that lets users adjust these settings, as well as provide a more detailed report on their health – for example, the device could sense when the body is low on a specific vitamin, and suggest foods that are beneficial to increasing levels of that vitamin.

FLO is positioned on the back of the neck for two reasons. First, it allows the device to be unnoticeable by the user, as well as easy to conceal if desired. No one can see the back of their own neck, and you usually don’t sit or lean on your neck (as opposed to the backs of your legs or the area around your spine), so the device wouldn’t cause any disruptions to your normal routine. FLO can also be easily hidden by long hair or a collared shirt, if a user doesn’t want others to see it (though personally I love the cyberpunk aesthetic, so I’d gladly show mine off). Second, the blood vessels in the neck are closer to the surface of the skin, making them accessible to the device and (presumably) making monitoring easier and more accurate. (Depending on how far in the future this is, the device could either penetrate the skin or be completely non-invasive. The version I’m imagining is an adhered patch, with a larger detachable section containing the battery and electronics. However, the entire device could be much smaller and embedded into the skin depending on available technology – though I suppose it would then cease to be a “wearable” and turn into an implant instead).

FLO would be light and comfortable, with the goal of being completely unnoticed except when explicitly alerting the user. The design I have in mind is composed of two parts. The first is a patch that adheres to the skin on the back of the neck (with durable, waterproof, skin-safe glue). It would likely be made of silicone (conductive and non-toxic on all skin types), though its exact composition would depend on the technology available. This part would never be removed, and would solely contain the biometric sensors themselves. A user could comfortably go to sleep with the patch on as it would be flexible and remain entirely flat against the skin. The second part is a hard casing (skin safe, probably gold or silver with a polymer alloy) which contains the battery and all of the electronics required to make the device function (such as the computer which analyzes the biometrics). This part of the device would be detached once the user wishes to sleep, and placed in a charging cradle, similar to charging your phone before bed every night. This would both refill the battery, and allow the user to sleep more comfortably without the slightly bulkier electronics. In the morning, it would snap easily into place with the permanent part of the device.

Concept Art


Material Mood Board


This mood board reflects how I picture the wearable in my head, because I personally love the Echo from Overwatch/EVE from WALL-E look, and thus I want the device to feel as futuristic as possible; this design features a sleek, stainless-steel and white polymer aesthetic. However, in reality FLO would have multiple versions with different colors to accommodate people who want a darker or low-profile look. The patch would also come in several colors and skintones for a more natural look.

Paper Prototype


 (FLO Hull)


(FLO Patch)

Similar Works

Planned Parenthood. (n.d.). Birth Control Patch. Planned Parenthood.

The “adhesive patch” design of FLO is influenced by the design of birth control patches. Though their functions are different, I first got this idea when considering how birth control patches slowly release hormones through the skin. If hormones can be released from a patch, then the process could reasonably work the other way – the patch could contain sensors to detect changes in different body functions. Birth control patches are designed to stay on for an entire week without falling off, and allow bathing, swimming, and any other activities without being cumbersome.

Apple Inc. (n.d.). Use the Activity app on your Apple Watch. Apple Support.

The Apple Watch has an activity app with a “Stand” feature – it will show you in which hours of the day you’ve stood up and moved around for at least 1 minute. This is similar to my device in that it senses an unhealthy behavior and attempts to condition a more healthy behavior through a small notification.

P.S. This idea originated from using the scraps of paper ideation exercise. The pieces of paper I pulled were “dress”, “depressed”, and “eat”. From this, I imagined a device that would monitor increased or extreme caloric intake (ex. stress eating) and prevent the user from consuming any more food which could be unhealthy for them. In the end, this idea didn’t really resonate with me; I take too much comfort in my comfort food.

However, it did make me realize that another bad eating habit I engage in is constantly forgetting to eat when I’m extremely focused on something else. I figured that this would be an issue that is not only common, but something that people would be more open to addressing.

P.P.S. FLO stands for “Fit Life Observer” because I can’t think of a better acronym.

Assignment 1: Speculative Wearable

Student Number:3184186




Smart Sticker is a clothing sticker that functions as a digital display screen. Clothing stickers are small patches that are often used to cover ripped holes. Smart Sticker has a different concept in mind, it is an interface for people to express their uniqueness. Current temperature, news headline, you can put anything you like on it. It can put on the majority of textiles and is controlled by software and comes in different shapes.

Imagine you are listening to your favourite song and eager to share it with anyone you met, why don’t display it on Smart Sticker, so everyone who walks past you would see it. Be a walking clock and remind everyone that time worth money. Or bring some fun to the party by being a walking cinema. If you prefer to stay out of attention, simply use it to display your silly sketch. Having some freshness without buying a new piece of clothing!

For small pieces of Smart Stick such as a stripe, stick it on your beanie or bucket hat with your monthly motto. For unique shapes such as a koi fish (see image below), stick it on your skinny jeans or leggings with the mood detector, show others how you felt. For larger pieces, there is a great possibility to explore.

Smart Sticker can also be put into commercial use. Promoting a brand or a product with the video/image display function. Use it as a dynamic name tag when holding events.


The objective of this design is to use clothes as a second media space for people to express themselves. We are active online but rarely have the same enthusiasm in the real life. I hope Smart Sticker can be a bridge between the digital space and real life, allow people to explore their creativity and let them play with its functions. 




Paper Prototype


Physical Moodboard


Similar Works

Shane Richmond, S. (2011, May 08). Researchers demonstrate flexible epaper phone. Retrieved January 19, 2021, from

The flexibility of epaper inspired me the mix of digital screen and textiles.

‘BEST SELLER – the witcher sign Merchandise’ Hoodie (Pullover) by andovergaz. (n.d.). Retrieved January 18, 2021, from notset&country_code=CA&gclid=CjwKCAiAgJWABhArEiwAmNVTB3IPgI7WPg-ndCJLhy6_RJ-DrfwMu5IiwNK-cAfrN299x8DOenaX3BoCnp4QAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

I am a big fan of video games, I would choose clothes with video game characters or logos e when I’m shopping. I bought this one along with a few other even if I do not need them, and I know my interest in this games would fade out in a short period of time. So I started wonder what if there is a kind of clothes that can change its image whenever I want.

Assignment 1 — Speculative Wearable: Kate Jung


I began my brainstorming process with the ideation exercise, and came up with three different combinations with 7 total variations. After completing my ideation process for the earrings, I decided to move forward with earrings as the form of my speculative wearable.


Concept & Objective:

My wearable is a pair of earrings that detects high levels of anxiety or stress on the wearer, then activates sound therapy to provide them instant, discrete support.

As someone who experiences anxiety (and know people with other mental health conditions such as PTSD), I always thought it would be great for there to be a device that alleviates stress in real-time, and help those who need calming down — even if the impact is small. Therefore, my concept for the wearable is a pair of earrings that is constructed of two parts:

First, the input: a gemstone-like stud is pressed against the earlobe and measures stress with photoplethysmogram (PPG) technology, monitoring the pulse through blood flow in the skin. Following similar devices on the market (such as the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear), the technology allows light to be emitted through LED, which gets reflected by blood present under the skin. The reflected light is absorbed by photodiode to detect blood flow.

Because earrings are worn flush against the skin, this would create a better quality of contact between the device and the skin, and provide comfort to the wearer rather than having to wear clunky fitness watches or heart-rate monitors. Also, while wrist or skin-based devices sometimes shift around depending on a person’s movements, earrings can provide a more stable reading. According to research by ‘The Ear-o-Smart Smart Earring’ — another form of wearable earrings — physicians regularly use the earlobe to monitor the heart rate and blood oxygen of patients because the high blood flow in the area provides greater accuracy.

Second, the output: Once the top part of the earrings detects high rates of blood pressure, the bottom part (the part of the earrings that ‘dangle’ underneath and is larger, with a shell-like shape) would be triggered. This is a mini audio transmitter. The ‘holes’ that are dotted along the lines of this area would be where audio would be transmitted through the speaker.

In science, there has always been strong evidence that music has mental and physical health benefits. Audio such as vibrational therapy or meditation also offers therapeutic benefits to the body.

According to the Center for trauma, Stress and Anxiety, these are some benefits of sound healing:

– Immediate reduction in anxiety and stress
– Improves symptoms of depression
– Improves stress management
– Promotes sleep
– Reduces blood pressure
– Increases blood circulation
– Enhances memory, concentration, and focus
– Improves mood and sense of happiness

There are different forms of audio that can be therapeutic to those who are experiencing anxiety / stress, including alpha waves, vibrational waves, meditation sound therapy — or even just playing their favourite, relaxing song. I would imagine my wearable would allow the users the capability of progamming their own, preferred sounds onto the device depending on what helps them the most.

In conclusion, these earrings can be worn by anyone in the world who experiences stress and anxiety, but may have a larger benefit for those who experiences regular forms of mental health issues such as anxiety attacks, depression, etc. The earrings can also be worn in all-day, every-day use as they shouldn’t look too different than a normal pair of earrings (my paper prototype actually ended up a little bit larger than I would imagine it). Because it’s comfortable to wear and identical to the feeling of wearing normal earrings, people would be able to wear it for extended periods of time.



sketch-01 sketch-02 sketch-03

Paper Prototype
img_5117 img_5119 img_5120

Material Moodboard:


The following are some material that inspired me when imagining this wearable:
– A portable battery with a steel-like cover
– A speaker with metal netting
– Some earrings (one with a gemstone, and the other a smooth metal)
– A coin
– Metal beads
– A reflective gemstone

Similar Works:

The Ear-o-Smart Smart Earring: The Ear-o-Smart is a smart earring that is designed to function as a fitness tracker. It is able to detect heart rate, calories, as well as activity level. (The information I included above about the earlobe as an ideal location for heart rate tracking was sourced from their website.)

Pip: This device is a biosensor that senses electrodermal activity (EDA), the electrical changes at the surface in the skin, to detect stress response. When the wearer grasps it between their fingers, this information is communicated via Bluetooth technology to Pip’s iOS and Android Apps.


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Assignment 1: Speculative Wearable – Giulia Zefilippo (3179987)

The Angry Belt activity tracker is a fashionable belt that senses your movements. If you haven’t moved enough in an hour, it will give you a gentle squeeze to remind you to move. It’s happy when you’re moving, but once you sit down for long periods of time, it will get upset and the belt will tighten its length.

scan-2021-01-18-21_00_02When the Angry Belt activity tracker is active, the front of the belt will show an angry red face on a display (which is part of the belt buckle). It then sends a signal to a tiny motor, which reduces the length of the belt and squeezes the user slightly. Once the user realizes the squeeze and they start moving, it will then sense the active movement and revert to its original length. Once the user achieves the movement goal, the angry face will turn into a green smiley face for a brief period and then go inactive.

My goal was to design an activity tracker that does not fit into the stereotypical fitness tracker. The user wouldn’t need to worry about an accessory or additional add-on because it would be an essential item. It’s also a tracker that pushes the user to be more active and not ignore it.

Paper Prototype:

Material Mood Board:
The Angry Belt activity tracker would be made from either a durable nylon string or flexible yarn material that could be easily stretched or constricted.

Similar Works:
Heart Rate Monitor Strap MZ-3. (n.d.). MyZone. Retrieved January 18, 2021, from
Stables, J., & Stables, J. (2015, December 23). Jawbone UP Move review. Wareable.

Assignment 1: Speculative Wearable Valeria Suing

GlucTech: Low Glucose Warning Necklace

GlucTech is a necklace that can connect to a continuous glucose monitor via Bluetooth. Continuous glucose monitors (CGM) are used by people who have diabetes to control their glucose levels throughout the day. Low glucose levels can be dangerous, and they need immediate care. Most CGMs need to be scanned and don’t give any warnings for low glucose events. This is why GlucTech will turn on LED lights on its necklace pendant, warning the person wearing it to follow their usual treatment. Furthermore, there can be a possibility of creating a network of necklaces that can be used by close friends and family that can check on their loved ones and make sure they’re okay.


a1_wearables-01 a1_wearables-02

Designs can be customized with different prints, so it blends with their clothes and make wearing the necklaces enjoyable.


There can also be a phone app that sets reminders and makes connecting with family and friends much easier.

Main User   vs.   Family & Friends



Paper Prototype


The pendant part of the necklace would be made out of wood, the chain would be made out of an e-textile that looks like a soft faux leather cord and the battery container could be made out of plastic covered with some fabric. This is to make the necklace comfortable and easy to wear. Pattern designs could be added to the wood with fabric.

This is a picture of me wearing it.


Material Mood Board



The idea came from the Ideation Exercise where I chose the following set of random words: “necklace” “weak” & “care for someone”

Low glucose events can make a person feel weak and disoriented and a prompt warning can help with symptoms.


Similar Works

MiaoMiao: MiaoMiao is a smart reader for a CGM brand (Freestyle Libre). It works by attaching it on top of the sensor and connecting it with Bluetooth. They now have accessories such as watches that connect with the reader and gives warnings when glucose is off the charts.

Dexcom G6: Dexcom G6 is a CGM that offers warnings through their phone app with no need of scanning it to get readings.

Reference List:

Dexcom. (2020, August 25). en-CA Dexcom G6 CGM System.
MiaoMiao. (2021). Products.

Assignment1: Speculative Wearable

Concept: My wearable is a black mini earring that can detect how long you’re watching the screen with the blue laser emitted by the screen. Once it’s over 3 hours, the device will make a slight sound to remind you that you should give your eyes and body a break. You just need to press the glass gently to stop the sound.

Objective: My wearable is meant to remind people balancing their work time and rest time reasonably. Even if our work and study situation forces us to use computers for long periods  every day, we should stay away from electronic devices for a while. This is to protect our physical health, especially the eyes’ health. In addition, sometimes we feel tired but embarrassed to say it to others. The sound of the earring will make others realize that you have been working for a long time, you need a rest.


picture1          picture2

Material Mood Board:


Similar Works:

I found two institutions that focus on people’s health and medical care.

  1. Sensely APP(2020): Sensely’s avatar and chatbot-based platforms assist insurance plan members and patients with the insurance services and healthcare resources they need, when they need it.Sensely – Apps on Google Play
  2. AiCure:AiCure uses an easy-to-use, proprietary AI platform to directly engage and provide support to patients via smartphones to deliver meaningful, high-quality data around patient behavior.AiCure – The link between patients, disease and treatment.

Assignment 1: Speculative Wearable


My wearable is meant to provide a physical and visual representation of your heart (pulse). It reads your pulse from your wrist as any other fitbit or smartwatch can do. In reaction to your pulse in the wearable will inflate and deflate in sync with your heart rate in real time. As Well as a pedometer correlating with the lights on the wearable in green, yellow, or red to represent if your heart rate is too dangerously high or slow based on how you’re moving.


The objective of this wearable is to provide haptic feedback and visual language to help understand or feel or see a part of your body that is well hidden. It could help with breathing and calming yourself being able to give a greater feedback feel in order to assist with breathing if you have anxiety issues and just a greater awareness of your body.



Mood Board:




Similar Works:

Polar H10: Heart rate monitor chest strap. (n.d.). Retrieved January 18, 2021, from 
Loveridge, S. (2020, March 17). What is haptic feedback and how will it change the way we play? Retrieved January 18, 2021, from