Week 3: Reflecting On Writing A Business Plan

Reflecting & Peer Review

When I first thought of what a business plan might be comprised of I assumed that businesses would “sweet talk” and inflate the potential of their business to make it sound as attractive as possible. What I learned was, of course, the exact opposite. It is incredibly important to understand and in fact identify to all parties involved the risks and short comings that inevitably manifest themselves in even the best business ventures. Furthermore receiving feedback from my peers not only allowed me to understand what I thought my strengths and weaknesses are but also the strengths and weaknesses that I would never have considered from being critical of my own work. Likewise reading my peers reports and identifying where their strengths lie made me more aware of other areas where I could improve my own writing.

Successful Business In The Maker Economy

Kano is a DIY computer kit aimed at educating kids to get hands on with building and coding their own computers. The kit uses the famous Raspberry Pi mini-computer and small colorful components that make building a computer both simple to understand and fun for kids. This business definitely falls into the realm of the maker movement by empowering kids to be involved in the technology we are so invented in that we often know little about. One of the weaknesses of Kano is that it relies on the availability and tech of the Raspberry Pi. However, because of it’s smart design, and successful kickstarter campaign, Kano seems to have acquired enough interest to make for a successful product launch.