Week 4: Sales

After the sales that executed at OCADU’s lobby, I learned a few things about sales. First off, it is very hard to break even with the amounts spent to produce the products. It took about a quarter of the cookies being sold to break even with the production costs. Without some sort of attraction, people simply walks past the tables or stares at what we are selling from a distance. Also, it was even more challenging to make sales because there was another table selling more varieties of baked goods right next to our table. They lowered their prices when we set our table up, which helped them gain more customers. The other bake sale my group faced was one competition that we did not account for, which possibly also lowered our number of customers. Overall, it was difficult to sell our products.

We sold our products successfully to people who saw our posts on Facebook and became interested in the cookies. Another method was Afonso selling cookies to his friends who stopped by the booth while we were selling. That worked because they were people he knew and wanted to support our trip. To do a better job next time, I would consider packaging the cookies nicely in little bags. I would also darken the icing colour to make the colours more vibrant and attractive. Our group definitely needed more advertising as well as the consideration of going to people and asking if they would like to buy cookies, rather than waiting for people to come to us. One factor that would help would be to not sell cookies when another bake sale is happening because with our tables side to side, customers assumed we were fundraising for the same reason.

A company with a successful strategy in the Maker’s Economy would be Erin Baker’s Wholesome Baked Goods. Erin Baker, the founder of this company, started the business by baking cookies herself. This maker’s economy is both interesting and successful because it is leaning towards something that most major food businesses do not tend for, which is healthy eating and lifestyle. Erin Baker spent her time creating the healthiest breakfast cookie for Americans who are too busy to eat breakfast. Her strategy targets most people in today’s working society, aside from the fact that all of the products are freshly baked by herself.