Week 4: Sales

This Tuesday, class time was spent in the lobby of 100 McCaul selling our products. This was a huge learning experience and taught me much about the selling process. For example, I learned about the need to prepare for absolutely anything; selling was more difficult than predicted. A group of graduate students was selling baked good right next to us, and this made selling our cookies more difficult. One thing that was easy about selling our product was that we didn’t need to explain or justify it as they were cookies. This meant that if a customer approached the table out of interest, that they would not have needed to be convinced of the usefulness of our product; customers already knew exactly what was in front of them.

For the future, we will plan for the unexpected (i.e. another bake sale). Another improvement that can be made is in our advertising. We produced a great animation for sales day, and advertised through social media, but it seemed as though this was not enough to attract as many customers as we had wanted and will be improved upon in the future.