Kevin Says: Physical Computing Midterm


For this assignment I have made a simple Simon says game. My version of the game uses only three button/LEDs. When turned on the game gives the player the first pattern to follow. When the player pushes the buttons in the right order, a fun tune sounds and the next pattern is given. If the player pushes the wrong button(s) the game plays an ‘angry’ tune and the game starts over again.

Process notes:

To make this, the main difficulty was getting the Arduino to blink an LED and expect a button being pushed for multiple LED’s at once without programming a specific pattern to follow. This would have made the simon says game the same experience every time. I had trouble figuring this out for a while until I decided to start searching for examples of Arduino simon says games. I found a few examples where The LED’s and buttons were assigned to a Boolean and the patterns were generated with randomArray and checked with inputArray. This allowed for a variable to be used in code for the patterns, buttons and LED’s so that the pattern wasn’t always the same. I used this technique on my assignment to get all three LEDs working together with the randomArray determining what the pattern was (based code on specific example; example credited within my code). I made an attempt at also having and on/off switch, but had trouble getting it to work as a condition for the entire rest of the code to turn on without encountering compiling errors.

Next steps:

The next steps I would take with this project ideally would be to add components beyond just the main lights and buttons. For example, I would like a general on off switch, a volume control or perhaps a “wrong” indicator in the form of another LED. I would also consider trying to make a 6 button simon says game, or perhaps a two player simon says game.

Code at:

circuitdiag IMG_20150205_121930

video at: