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They made me do yoga.

It was horrible.

Other than that it was a satisfying experience. I expected the worse because I didn’t know html/css well enough to teach it so I was doubting whether I should be taking a mentor slot in the first place. Luckily I was put in charge of an older group so they were able to solve of a lot of their problems themselves.I also agreed strongly with the camp policies where they encourage to teach using a hands-off approach to make sure students can become self sufficient and as a result learn to learn. As a result I only stepped in a few times when they were really stuck or they had to rush to finish their websites on Friday. It really impressed me that they were able to problem solve themselves using Google. It seems like something fairly obvious but it’s something I see a lot of people fail to do. In addition to that they were able to collaborate on levels that I wouldn’t expect to see until high school or university. When they were told they had to choose one website out of the two they made for Friday they actually decided to go through the process of taking apart both of them and combining them into one. The end product looked great.

Specifically I mentored for two days (it seemed like that was max amount for everyone) on Tuesday and Friday both from 8 am to 4 pm. Because of this I was able to see how my group started and finished off. Tuesday was an intro to html so I was able to help out but Friday was clean up for the site as a whole. When the girls had problems on Friday I asked for help often from other mentors more experienced than me.

As for what I learned I picked up a lot just from talking to other people. It’s not often that I could have small talk with programmers that are currently working. I was able to ask about how programmers work together as well how it felt in general to do so. I also got a glimpse how the work ethics of a company like FreshBooks would be like. The way the desks were setup with various personal items and multiple monitors/standing desks seemed new to me. The cafeteria was also pretty amusing since you could just leave food on the kitchen table or fridge and it would be free for anyone to take. We had to ask someone to protect our pizzas while we left them there. Overall it was a satisfying experience and I would recommend it for people who can’t go on the trip next year.