Evening Activity – MoMA


For one of the evening activities I had decided to visit The Museum of modern art with some classmates. We had arrived there on Friday evening and upon arrival the lady at the reception gave me multiple free admission tickets. I was happy to have more than one ticket; maybe she secretly knew that I easily lose my things. I was most excited to see the Game & the architecture exhibitions, as both subjects intrigue me the most. I was also looking forward to seeing Botanicalls, it’s a project done by one of my professors Kate Hartman. This plant saviour device was located on the third floor along with other familiar looking electronic devices such as Little Bits, Makey Makey etc… Across from these electronics was some beautiful and weird industrial design pieces. There was a really weird shaped laser cut table with hand-glued layers, which looked amazing. I was already impressed with the collection with in first 10 minutes of the visit. Down the hall form there was the long-awaited game exhibition. It felt warm in my heart to see game in an art museum. I tried playing one of the pong games there with my friend Anth. But sadly it was broken, which kind of disappointed me. We quickly scanned through the poster and illustration section and went towards the Music exhibition. Which was amazing! I loved seeing all of these old authentic musical instruments and ads that were great. There was also a cute small model of the Sydney’s Opera house there.




Finally after that, we arrived at the architecture section. They didn’t have models or cool looking structure, but there were some great community ideas scribbled on the wall. A lot of them spoke about how to best make cities efficient to create better living spaces. There was one about Mumbai and how people living on the street are treated by big corporations that want to make buildings in their living space. There was a great suggestion about addressing this issue. This issue is also very close to my heart as I’ve witnessed these things happen to people. After a great tour of the architecture section we headed towards the gift shop. The gift shop had great books and utensils that were super over priced, but amazing.


Overall, I was very happy with the visit as a lot of the projects there related to work we are doing in class. Such as game creation, electronic making and such. It was great to see a museum representing a future direction along with preserving the history.