HackLab’s Website


1. How did the club get established?

2. To what extent have you modified the building/room?

3. How exactly does the funding of projects work and what experiences have you had with the projects themselves?

When we first entered Hack Llab we saw a bunch of people working on projects as well as a few 3D printers that were modded excessively. I had no idea what kind of place it would be but I never would’ve expected it to be Kate-ville. One of the first things he described to us was all the cool things that they got the led screen at the back of the room to do such as displaying user information and a logo for the most recent person signed in and the name of the current song playing. After that we saw the kitchen where we learned how they served meals as well as the fact that the kitchen can be used for melting metal as well.

I found the place really funny the way how nerdified everything was. For example when he was asked how much and how accurate was the electricity information they were getting was he got all mad scientist on us and showed us the front led panel. The flashing numbers on the LED screen on top of the front door were actually apparently electricity readings just so people could be aware of how much was being used currently. In addition to that the “tree house” at the top made the place seem even more fun. Overall if the place was more of a game development club rather than a hacking one I’d be pretty interested in joining.