Hot Pop Factory

Q:What is the most practical use of 3d print you encountered?

Q:Have you ever considered any means to make 3d printing more efficient?

Q:What are some possible applications of 3d printing in day to day life? Something used often and practically?

Summary: Hot Pot Pop factory is a company/ studio that makes 3d prints using 3d printers and laser cutters. During a tour given by Bi-Ying and Mathew we got an idea how the 3d printing business is organized. The idea for the company originated in Rome, the concept of creating a company that would combine various 3d design equipment and use it to assist other companies, small businesses and individual entrepreneurs with access to otherwise expensive 3d print technology. The company has been involved in many interesting projects such as Module Composed Architecture  and customized plastic Jewelry when users can write their own custom designs in processing and then print this unique piece on a 3d printer. Hot Pop factory have successfully developed the ways of marketing including the user interaction listed above, sharing experiences with people and following popular trends such as a pipe in shape of Rob Ford’s head, which resembles the recent scandal with him abusing drugs. Overall, the flexibility of demand in the field and manufacturing on demand has brought Hot Pop factory to a solid place in the creative society, where it still resides.


Reflection: My personal experience while visiting Hot Pop factory was rather educating, prior to the visit I only had a vague interpretation as to where to find an accessible 3d printer. Hot Pop factory was the first in this matter, and as of now I know where to find a 3d printer in Toronto. However the offsetting part was the price for 3d prints, where in my opinion the cost does not justify the results. Therefore it is not viable for me to incorporate the 3d prints in any of my works. The experience shared by Bi-Ying and Mathew was very valuable in terms of starting a business in a field with other players around, even if the business could seem rather unique at first glance. As well as the experience of idea development for a particular type of items was rather interesting and showed how one should adapt to the society around him to succeed in business.