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1. How much improvement have you seen in the quality and cost efficiency of 3D printers over the years?

2. Can you see something that could only be printed on an expensive printer being printed on a Maker Bot in the near future?

3. Do you find the procedural generation adds a lot to the jewelry you make. To be more specific do you think it could have been a success without it?

We went to a room filled with 3D printers and a bunch of what seemed to be client orders on the table. To start things off we got a presentation that gave an overview of what Hot Pop Factory has done, where it came from and what they’re interested in as a company. One thing that came up was the use of procedural generation in 3D printed jewelry. By using code to make unique designs they were able to make a successful product that utilized 3D printing nicely. Because each piece of jewelery was printed one by one either way switching out a new design each time had little to no effect on the process. After that she described a much larger scale project where the same idea was applied to architecture. By playing with code they were able to make a feasible architecture scheme. Not only that but the idea was accepted and actually created. It really put into perspective how much rapid prototyping could create in terms of scale.

The first thing that interested me the most was the idea of using procedural generation to 3D print jewelry. I’ve used procedural generation before but I’ve always been unsure as to whether it would be adding to the game or not in terms of variety/re-playability. My goal with procedural generation in general is to make an environment that grows in an interesting and aesthetically pleasing way so it was really encouraging hearing that one of the main selling points of the product was the generation itself. Another thing that interested me was the building using not only code but rapid prototyping as well. I haven’t heard of many large scale 3D printers or anything similar so hearing that they were able to successfully create such a project gave me a little faith in the development of large scale 3D printers.