Hot Pop Factory

(no questions prepared beforehand)

Today we visited Hot Pop Factory, a 3d printing studio. There we were given a talk about the studio and the design process they use. A common program that Hot Pop uses is Rhino. They use this program to produce models and mock-ups of small products and even things like architecture. Through Rhino, Hot Pop is able to produce designs that can be customized with variable parameters such as custom jewelry and sculptures. Much of the time was spent discussing designing digital products with variable parameters. They showed us example of such designs including a stadium in Ottawa, triangle/circle/square jewelry, and an eameschair sculpture. Much of the time was also spent discussing the applications and limitations of 3d printing technology relative to 3d modelling technology. A great application example that was shown to us was a set of 3d printed heads for Pez dispensers. We also were shown some game figurines that demonstrated the limitations of 3d printing in regards to fine detail models.

I found this visit very interesting. I certainly enjoyed getting an inside look at the 3d printing world. I did not realize how difficult it was to convert a 3d model to a physical model, nor the financial implications of attempting to make a product with this technique. I also learned a lot about the applications of generative design. After seeing such a practical use for both 3d printing and generative/computer aided design, I feel much more confident in my ability to apply and use these skills after post-secondary educaton. I enjoyed this visit and have learned a sufficient amount about this section of the DIY/maker industry.

IMG_20150310_185440(Rob Ford meth pipe)