(no questions prepared beforehand)

Today a speaker from Indiegogo came to speak to us. He spoke much about the relationship between designer and user and how it relates to crowd funding. He addressed how crowd funding allows for a more involved development process, providing possible users/consumers a way to give feedback early in the design process. This allows for the designer to continuously improve their product and tailor it to the needs of the consumer. He also addressed the concept of getting users to feel like having/using your product is something special and/or creating a sense of urgency in regards to participating in the special experience. By invoking a sense of exclusivity and/or urgency, consumers will flock to one’s product because of their own desires instead of following trends. The first people to usually flock to something new, the speaker referred to as “champions”. Through crowd funding, it is easier to reach out to champions because of the early involvement of consumers in development.

I felt as though this talk was quite insightful. I certainly learned about many new approaches to attracting consumers. Prior to this talk I was unaware of the benefits of crowd funding aside from not having to reimburse investors. Given what I have learned I am certainly more comfortable with the idea of crowd funding now and I am keen on using it at some point in the future. The idea of a “champion” is also one that I will certainly reference when designing future products and I am intent on incorporating the ‘urgency’ concept into future marketing plans. Considering what I have learned about crowd funding and its apparent impact on the design industry, I feel that crowd funding may become a standard part of the design process in the near future.