How does one get employed at Kickstarter?

Are there any projects that have been denied by Kickstarter?

Are there any famous projects that have come out of Kickstarter?

Today in Brooklyn we visited the headquarters of Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a global crowd funding platform (much like Indiegogo) that is based in the United States. The platform serves as a Launchpad for somewhat smaller projects with costs between $500 and $500,000. These projects are divided into 15 different creative categories. Currently there are 77,000-78,000 funded projects on the site. At the Kickstarter office we were given a talk by John Dimatos. He told us about Kickstarter and how it has just become a “B-Corp” or “Benefit Corporation”. B-corps are companies that operate based on values instead of operating to gain profit. John told us that among Kickstarter’s values are honesty and transparency, and that no projects without these traits are allowed on Kickstarter. John also talked to us about the importance of a project’s long term potential and the importance of having a working prototype before crowdfunding. Additionally we were able to tell John about our products from the first project in this course get some advice on product management.

I found this talk to be somewhat repetitive (having had a talk on Indiegogo) but still insightful. Getting a better idea of how Kickstarter operated was informative in and of itself, but more importantly put Indiegogo into perspective. From what I can tell, Kickstarter seems like a fantastic place to either work or use as a crowdfunding platform. I was really impressed with the stress that the company seems to put on creativity and integrity. I was also unaware of the sheer scope of Kickstarter; I had no idea that so many projects have come out of the company and that they’ve grown so much in the last six years that a relocation was required to obtain more space. John Dimatos’ demeanor and physicality also made this visit quite enjoyable.