Are there any products out there that were made with LittleBits?

Do you ever see this on the toy market?

Where did the idea for LittleBits come from?

Today we visited the offices of LittleBits. The LittleBits product is an electronics prototyping platform designed for DIY projects and learning electronics. The company produces electronic modules that can be used in projects without the need to wire, solder or program them. At the office, we were given a tour by Paul and Jordy, two of the earliest members of LittleBits. They gave us a tour around the office and showed us the layout and some of their projects. Teams with stations around the office include a web team, a product design and R+D team, a social media and marketing team, a sales team, a manufacturing team, a finance department and an engineering department. Some of the projects that we got to see include a LittleBits tram that runs the length of the office, an LED message board with a DSM module, a rock-paper-scissors robot, and a light powered car. We also were shown a museum table with examples of the various progressions of the LittleBits product.

I found this visit to be a bit nostalgic of some of the things that we have done at OCAD. Simply put, the office was a giant physical computing lab in my eyes. Looking at some of the modules the company produces and some of the possible ways to combine them made me think that this would be a great tool for learning electronics and that places like OCAD could probably find a good use for the kits. I also was reminded of one of the projects presented in physical computing; the rock-paper-scissors robot was eerily similar to Parth and Muda’s midterm project. All-in-all this visit was kinda cool, and it got my brain thinking a bit about the applications of this technology.

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