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1. How many programmers worked on the product and what kinds?

2. How long did it take you guys to get a functioning product?

3. How exactly does the product work?

We first took a tour of the office Push Strength used to be in in the MaRS building. There he explained that the office was for smaller startups and that anyone could pitch ideas to MaRS to get access not only to office space but guidance as well. He also explained that the device worked using an accelerometer and a large database of recorded motions. In addition to that he answered one of my questions regarding how many programmers were used in the process. To my surprise even though various different types of programmers works on different aspects like the app and the website only one worked on the core algorithm itself. After that we took a tour of the space they’re currently using.

I found the visit interesting in that I was able to make connections to the game pitches we do in class to the ones he was describing to apply to MaRS. Not only that but the idea of business plans tied in nicely as well. It really reinforced the importance of learning them. Another aspect that I found really interesting was the explanation of how the device worked. Although it wasn’t directly related to the company itself learning the technology and the process that went through making it was educational. For example when he said that one person made the core algorithm for the device I was surprised because I’ve always assumed that programmers worked together directly for efficiency. I haven’t had the chance to work together with many other programmers so it was nice hearing something new to me like that.