What is Push?

What are the difficulties with a start-up?

Where did the inspiration come from?

Today we visited Push inside of the MaRS discovery center. Push is a small start-up company operating from within the MaRS commons incubator. The incubator is home to multiple different start-ups of varying complexity. Within the commons, there are multiple different sections of tables, each one being the workspace of a different start-up company. With the MaRS commons Push started at Jolt, which is sort of a first phase section on the incubator and has now moved its workspace over to an area marked “Microsoft Ventures”, which was comprised of more developed start-ups. Push itself was founded around the design for an exercise monitor. The monitor would be placed on the arm (or other area) of a person’s body when exercising. Data is then read with an accelerometer and gyroscope from the monitor and run through a series of algorithms before being pushed to the user’s phone via Bluetooth. There this data can be used be the user and/or a personal trainer or training app to help monitor/improve the user’s workout experience.

I found this experience mildly interesting. Primarily it was nice to see what kinds of things go on in the MaRS center, but it was also an interesting insight into the start-up world. I did not realize that there were start-up forums such as the one that Push resides. I was under the impression that stat-ups would either work from the founders’ available space or in a small rented office or studio, but did not expect there to be places like Jolt. It was also a good insight into the scale of a start-up as Push has a single product and from what I could tell the product still has very few applications, but despite this Push seems to be developing well.