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1.What kind of professions/people have you had?

2.How exactly is the program facilitated?

3.What are some interesting projects you’ve seen made here/by people who’ve taken this program?

When we entered the room for Studio [Y] the first thing I noticed was the amount of chairs on the floor and all the members/students sitting around in the same space. Compared to the other visits it was a lot more welcoming and felt the closest to a class rather than a tour. We were first given a description of what the place was, what they taught and the similarities it had to Digital Futures. After that we were split into discussion groups and talked for a few minutes. We met back in the main room afterward and one representative from each group gave a summary of what they discussed to give everyone an idea of their conversation. The topics were so interesting that there was even a reporter their recording this process.

The most interesting highlight was the discussion itself. In our case we talked about education in games. One idea that was brought up was how games could be used to make educational topics feel more natural. Rather than having math and science taught separately he argued that through games using physics the person could pick up the intuition needed in both of these fields without having to isolate and focus on them. Another example brought up was Portal that also used physics and encouraged problem solving in engaging ways that normal education struggles to do. Minecraft was also used as an example with the way how it taught mixture of materials fairly accurately.