Studio [Y]

What exactly is Studio [Y]?

How does one become a fellow?

Is being a fellow at Studio [Y] enjoyable (is it a good use of one’s time?)

Today we visited Studio [Y]. Studio [Y] is an 8 month design fellowship program. There fellows spend the time working on personal innovation projects, participating in courses and participating in systems challenges. The course curriculum includes things like analytical thinking, critical thinking, design thinking and systems thinking. There is also a support system in place for the fellows to do their work. This includes group development teams, quest proposals, outside visitors, etc. As visitors we were part of what is referred to as a “community day”. As part of this we joined the fellows in small groups for what they call an “un-conference”, where free form topics are suggested and then completely unstructured discussions are held around those topics. I was in a group discussing the limits of mechanist academics and the benefits of alternative and experience based learning. We also talked about the growing divide between the current education system and one that is more ‘leaner oriented’.

I found this visit very enjoyable. I think that Studio [Y] is a great place and a good example of innovations in the post-secondary education field. I really enjoyed taking part in the “un-conference”. The discussion gave me some good insight into another’s perspective on the issue, but I really just liked that we were able to have a free form discussion around a very ephemeral and rich topic that wasn’t immediately related to my current academic career (sometimes freedom of topic choice can be quite a relief). I found this visit more beneficial from a personal standpoint than a professional one; I was able to pull more philosophical growth from this experience than professional growth (which is not a bad thing).