Xpace’s Website


  1. What opportunities are there for game-like pieces?

  2. What kind of events have you done in the past?

  3. Exactly what kind of connection does Xpace have to OCADU?

Stepping into the Xpace building felt like walking into a small gallery. The window had an installation while the walls had paintings setup in a style unique to OCADU. The art pieces themselves could even be identified as works from the school. The main part of the visit was the explanation what Xpace was and what they have to offer in terms of services. They described how they let students from any program put up work at their spaces to give them the opportunity of showing their works in a professional setting. They’re funded by the student union but all the money goes into planning gallery events for the students. In addition to that they were really open about what kinds of works they accept to the point where they were interested in planning new events when people asked whether pieces from digital futures would even fit to begin with.

I found it interesting to see that OCADU had connections to this kind of program. I’m not interested in putting up work in galleries since I like working on games that are made purely for entertainment rather than art. That being said I bet if I were to ask they would be willing to plan a gaming event for digital futures to showcase our stuff. I personally don’t think they’re the ideal place to ask to show my games but it’s nice having them as one of the options.