Museum of Modern Art


During our evening in NYC a small group of our classmates made it out to the Museum of Modern Art. Upon arriving we excitedly downloaded the MoMA App to first and foremost locate Kate Hartman’s Botanicalls within the permanent collection (seriously, how cool is that?). We made our way up to the third floor and toured the architecture and design gallery collection. The floor was filled with a diverse collection of industrial design, tech, and art objects. Any piece with a label that explains the process of a piece always is always most exciting to me. The first piece I found that spoke to me was a table called the “Cinderella Table”. The table was made from a digital image of two different tables morphed together. The piece was laser cut into thin vertical slices that were then adhered manually to create the three dimensional table (so cool).


Cinderella Table, Demakersvan, 2004. Museum of Modern Art.

Shortly after we found Kate’s piece in a wall mounted display, hilariously right next to the Little Bits prototype. It was surreal to see Botanicalls on display. I wanted to stand next to it and brag that my professor has a piece in the MoMA. Sadly I did not.


Botanicalls looking snazzy in the Architecture and Design Gallery at the Museum of Modern Art

After that we power-toured the remaining gallery spaces. I really enjoyed the Applied Design exhibit displaying pieces of video game history. It was really inspiring to see these games I have grown up with and love so dearly being recognized the way that they are. Before we knew it the final announcements were being made and it was time to leave.


Pac-Man at The Museum of Modern Art


Having the Museum of Modern Art be the last visit I made just before leaving New York City was probably the best way I could have possibly left the city. Although a few hours is not nearly enough time (realistically I would have needed days the way I like to tour a museum) it left me time to slow down, think, reflect and really be appreciative of everything we got to do and see. Seeing Botanicalls and Little Bits displayed was so exciting and reassuring to know how our society values and perceives the innovations being made in creative and technological spaces. The Applied Design exhibit was a really emotional experience that reminded me of why I love games so much. Touring that exhibit and seeing people playing, smiling and interacting with each piece really reaffirmed my decision to pursue games as a future. And before I descend into a puddle of overwhelmed, excited, and nostalgic tears I will say one more thing; I think the Museum of Modern Art is an incredibly important visit. Not only to appreciate the old masters of art and design but to see the new innovators that are paving the way for people like us to do what we love. This is all so cheesy but I promise it is sincere.