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Q:As a startup company what would you recommend, in terms of strategy, to attract sponsors?

Q:How does the company deal with malfunctioning circuits and is there a return policy?

Q:What would be the best way to organize a hierarchy inside the company?


20150324_151255Upverter is a company that specializes in creating CAD software for creating a digital blueprints for chips and circuit boards .It started off from the idea of creating a custom CAD program because all existing ones were not satisfying the founders Michael Woodworth and Zak Homuth so they decided to make a new one that would be more professional and have better and more intuitive interface. Therefore the idea developed into a full product and the company was built around it. As of late the company provides their software for several major companies in addition to directly building circuits for some customers.  We were greeted by Mike, who showed us the office space and took us to the basement where the “conference room” was located. There demonstrating prototypes of the circuit boards on the screen he showed the kind of business the company was doing. He passed around a few prototypes a circuit board and a robot, which were made using Upverter app. He talked about the company, the development trends, startup problems and overall tendencies in the field, as well as mentioning competitors such as Eagle. After we finished with the presentation we received Upverter badges and visit cards.



During our visit at the office of Upverter it was surprising to see it located at one of the living houses, especially offsetting was the office layout inside the house and the work space where all the developers sat. The overall experience was interesting, it was interesting to see how a successful startup began, what problems it had in the beginning and how these problems were resolved, this kind of experience would definitely help should I decide to start my own company. As for the actual software that Upverter releases, I have barely touched any circuit design therefore it is hard for me to judge whether it is better or worse than Eagle.

Upverter – March 24


On March 24 we visited Upverter’s headquarters. Upverter is an online platform that allows anyone to design their own circuits with no need to download any kind of software. The presentation we watched answered my questions:

  • How many active users do you have?
  • How many people actively work on Upverter?
  • How competitive is the market for platforms such as Upverter?


Upverter is located on a small house near Soho Street. Once there, we watched a presentation that introduced us briefly to how the initiative came to be (the three original founders are graduates from Waterloo University) and a bit of their own work. The business has a surprisingly small amount of people actively working on it (around thirteen people), and most of the employers, if not all, are all in the same group of friends that share the same interest for schematic technology and circuits. There’s also an active marketing campaign going on, with active social media channels (Twitter and a blog) constantly updated, even during our visit (the marketing team is formed by one person only but it seems more than enough given his efficiency). Upverter differentiates itself from other similar initiatives for being really open to newcomers and people less familiarized with circuits and its components – there’s an actual tutorial to allow first-timers to build their own idea for the first time.



Visiting Upverter’s workspace was really interesting because they have an incredibly cozy office and were eager to share their work with us. The fact their software is welcoming to newcomers and people generally inexperienced with circuits is something very positive and unique, and certainly gives Upverter an advantage over its competitors. Once again, the experience of learning the story of a small initiative that worked out well and currently operates successfully is very inspiring and highlighted once again the importance of having financial support in some form. Some people might think that hiring friends only in your business is a bad thing but in this specific case I think it’s something very positive and adequate, especially in the kind of workspace that Upverter has.

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