Week 3: User Experience Testing

This Tuesday we focused mainly on experience/interface testing in regards to a product. This can be done one of two main ways: either by examining research/studies that are already in existence or by organizing a study of you own. By doing this, one can learn what flaws a product might have and how those flaws can take away from a user’s experience. For a portion of class, we tested some of our classmates products. In general, the major flaws present were usually related to physical execution rather than the product’s design. Our product was a cookie, so nothing unanticipated really happened during our user testing.

A great example of a product that did very poorly at evaluating its flaws is the video game Assassin’s Creed: Unity. The game has a multitude of bugs and glitches present in the single player experience. Most of theseĀ  would have been corrected prior to the games launch had there been enough user testing to define them all. There was very little testing done and as a result there are still blatant problems with the product.