Autonomous Social Precautions

We humans weren’t ready for the pandemic, but on optimistic notes, autonomous technologies like robotics and wearable technology can help us in a ‘preferable future’ to combat situations like this. We need automation more than ever before. Automation in our warehouses, agriculture, production and healthcare can greatly facilitate us to survive in a pandemic where individual isolation is needed. Automation and robotics at the larger perspective will definitely equip us to fight the pandemic, but automation at the micro (individual) level in the form of wearables can help us stop the infection while continuing the social interaction. Research and development in medicine is an absolute necessity for human survival, but defensive wearable has a greater need as well.

Defensive Helmet


Defensive wearables can help with social distancing, but it can also increase our social interaction while keeping us safe. Keeping this idea of personal protection and social interaction I have prototyped a helmet that can shield individuals from each other during social interactions. The helmet contains a distance sensor and a transparent plastic shield that can slide in Infront of the face when a person comes closer to the wearer. The idea was to shield individual space in a social gathering and unshielded during solitary. The gesture of sliding a defensive shield during social interaction can seem discourteous and antagonizing to some individuals. To make this gesture amiable and convivial I have mounted a string light around the shield. While testing, the helmet wearer and approaching individuals both liked the addition of string light, in their views the string light has made it sociable and astatically pleasing.



Thoughts on code

The repurposing and reuse of circuit layout and motion gesture from my previous project was relieving but it has increased my curiosity about repurposing electrics. The circuit connections in the helmet project are exactly the same which I have used in my previous hugging T-Shirts Project. It was not intentional. I realized it during production. I have only replaced the red led light used in the previous settings with string light. The code is slightly different from the previous project but works on the same principles of proximity and gestures. This coincidence has made me more curious about how customization and minor alteration in code can produce an entirely different project.


Code Link


20200331_16224420200331_17080920200419_190424 20200419_190349

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